Hello all, 

We use a form for our open order sheet. We removed an item from our product list and I want to hide this item in our open order sheet (not deleted it, incase we add a new product because I already have all the automation and reporting set to include these columns). I have NUMEROUS hidden


I'm new to smartsheets and am not an excel expert, but I've been building some sheets and workflows and have a question about more advanced capabilities of the program. 

I'm hoping there's a way to automatically track inventory usage based on information input into a separate smartsheet form?  I


Looking for best way to share and store documents (Word, Excel, Visio, PDF, etc) inside of a workspace. .. Ultimately, would like to have a tree of folders that will serve as a Data Room for a particular project.

Has anyone tackled this previously? Any way to make it work effectively without having


Is there a way to auto group cells that are the same, and add a count of them next to the parent cell? For example, I have a sheet that looks like the first screenshot (ex1), it's a list of SKUs within a program and a project. I want to group all SKUs within the same program/project and count the


Is this possible?  I went to try and create a metrics sheet from the report but it doesn't show up.  Building the report was supposed to group all of my similar items together, why can i not then build a metric sheet to create my Dash based upon that


Hi all,

I am trying to write a COUNTIFS formula that compares multiple criteria. 

I need to Count all items in a column that have a status of "Completed" (column A), IF the items also have an Actual End Date within 2019 (column B), and the Actual End Date is less than or equal to the Scheduled End