Hello I am trying to solve an issue with a system I have set up for Automated Alerts & Actions. See screenshots below. As you can see by screenshot 3, I have created a trigger column based on date surpassed; once that date is surpassed the cell will change from N to Y. The idea ultimately is when it

Kruse Ludington


A workspace was shared with me, and I was made an editor who can share.

For a specific SmartSheet in a subfolder underneath that workspace - how do I request to the owner that I want to be an admin of that SmartSheet in order to set up conditional formatting, send automatic alerts, etc.? I do not


Hello, i am not sure what the best way is to accomplish this. I have a smartsheet that i would like to collaborate with outside vendors. I would like to avoid chopping up the data and giving every vendor their own sheet. I will be adding new data weekly. Update request won't work because they could


I am trying to ultimately set up my sheet to automatically send out Update Request 3 days (or whatever I set) within the "Bid Date" loaded into the sheet. It would be ideal if this update request would be emailed to the contact in "Sales Rep" column and copy (cc) me in the emailed Update Request for



I was wondering if there was a way to get the Report Builder to filter both an include and an exclude in the same column -OR- get it to filter for an exact word or phrase.

Example: Filter for a column is set to find all entries that contain the name "john" but that means that a bunch of listings


I am looking to send out an automatic update request based on a system generated LAST UPDATED column if last updated was 10 days ago. The problem is, this function doesn't appear to be available in the alerts and actions and if i set up a reminder column, when the reminder triggers a check box or