We are only 6 months into our Smartsheet journey and thus often tinkering and creating new reports, it would be really handy to have a ruler at the top in order to align fields/columns in reports. I have marked where a ruler could sit with highlighter yellow below. Does anyone else recognise the


I send update requests every day. However, when I send them, I have to keep removing some of the columns as those that I remove are not necessary for the person to see. 

Is there a way that I can save an update request format with those columns removed so I can quickly choose the right formats for


Hi Smartsheet Community,

We're thinking of some use cases for helping Smartsheet users utilize Salesforce ServiceCloud data more effectively and efficiently.  

Any Salesforce ServiceCloud users out there who would be willing to chat with us and give us feedback on our use cases? Even if you don't


Is there any possibility of Smartsheet integrating with Microsoft Planner?  Smartsheet is equipment to manage full portfolio where Microsoft Planner seem to only focus on individual projects.  I am a seasoned Project Manager and I need to see all projects at a high level view.  Several departments


I would really like to see "Refresh" added to the toolbar. I think a lot of other people would too. yes

Synchronizing changes with other collaborators in near-real-time relies on hitting refresh repeatedly. It's hidden behind a drop-down. Getting new users to refresh (or save) consistently as a matter


I've created a smartsheet to track every unit we sell of one of our particular product lines. 

The sheet includes the unit's serial number, model number, client name, client PO number, internal 'project number', current location of unit (Ex: "On order", "Johnny's bench", "Software dept.",