I am new to Smartsheet and not sure how or if the program can help...I have project where I am rolling out a new program to 8,000+ locations and looking for way to leverage Smartsheet to manage. I know there is a 5K row so not sure how to proceed. Most threads talk about pulling rows out once


We are using smartsheet to Nationally track data. When a webform is submitted there is a requirement to email a certain person within the company notifying them that a report has been issued and action is required. The list of different people who might have to be emailed on the report generated is


I created a sheet to put my data in and created a bunch of charts tied to it.  For example, each row represents that week's data.

BUT . . . as I add new rows of data for new weeks, I'm finding I have to re-establish the data field for the charts and when I do, I lose all of the formatting for the


I'd like to be able to create a macro or VBA code that would allow me to create a job folder on our local server using data from my smartsheet.

The VBA code in Access looks like this:

Private Sub cmdCreateCaseFolder_Click()

If Dir("\\MA021SFS01\NorthEast_EWP\2018CaseFolders\" & Me.Project# & "-" &