I am the system admin for a business account. I'd like to create a dashboard (with useful links to the most relevant sheets, forms and workspaces) for all users to see when they first log in to Smartsheet rather than seeing the last sheet that they were viewing when they last logged out. 

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Yikes. I was trying out the cell linking feature now my sheet is messed up and tells me to log out and back in. I tried to delete the linked cells and save but it won't let me.  I can't save or publish. I can't revert..... Reached out to support but hoping someone can help fix.


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I have a dashboard that I have added the link to other dashboards.  I have published all the dashboards.  When I share the link with those without smartsheet access they are only able to view the main dashboard.  When they try to access any of the other dashboards they are required to enter a smart



I have a series of report links on a dashboard. Both the dashboard and the reports have the published option selected (available to anyone with a link). Non licensed users are able to access the dashboard with the link provided but are then being prompted to log in to their smartsheet account