I have been attempting set up a relational database for multiple client use.  This database should track records (rows including child rows) as it progresses through different phases.  Projects may stop periodically and should be searchable and may be re-started later.  I have tried using 3 column


The new dashboard feature for Smartsheet says we can embed power BI reports by publishing to web, but doing that in Power BI makes your report public to everyone. How can I embed while still mainting privacy as these reports have company information?

There is a Power BI option that allows you to



I have created a form to capture Company personnel’s proposed ideas to improve cost savings, quality and safety. With this I have also created a Dashboard to give a snapshot of the progress of all Idea’s submitted.

On the dashboard I created a button that I had intended for a person


I need to be able to generate a simple format based on the data that exist in smartsheets. I store information such as news updates and I would like to be able to create a report that generates the text formatted in a specific way.

For instance if I have the columns and 3 rows. 

  • Publish Date



We are using forms to gather group ideas for creative projects. After, we would like to take each form submission or row and populate to a formatted PDF that can be presented to the managers for approval. Is there a way to push a form submission to populate a PDF? Or link cells in smartsheet to