We use smartsheets to run our customer projects.  The approach we have used to date is to create a workspace for each customer, with the necessary sheets - all from a template.  This works really well, as the customers need to review and contribute to several of the sheets that we use, and the


Hi all!

I want to create a checklist for the cleaners who turn over my airbnb properties.  I know how to create this checklist but there are a few specific things that I need it to do and can't figure out how.  Any advice would be appreciated!

1) This checklist will need to be filled out each clean.


Hi there,

I'm currently operating on an Enterprise level version of Smartsheet and experiencing an error with my dashboard. Does anyone have experience embedding a Tableau Public link directly into a dashboard via widget? I see that this is an option and have tried both the link & embed codes, which



We are starting to use Smartsheet heavily in a lot of our processes.  We deal with contractors on a daily basis.

We have several groups of contractors that view one master sheet and each of their own set of columns they review and work with.  They may not directly interact with other


I have a report that is set to show rows that have a "Date Published" column where the Date is equal to today or is in the past.  For examples sake 12 rows in total. 4 rows have a past date, 4 rows have today's date, and 4 rows have no date or a date in the future.

When viewing the report directly,