The New Smartsheet Navigation Experience is GREAT!

The #1 feature I'm excited about is Browser Tabs and Direct Links. Being able to copy the URL straight from the browser. I spent a LOT of time as a champion and mentor explaining how to get the URL to share a specific sheet. I really believe this


Hello SmartSheet community, perhaps someone can give me ideas on how best to set up the following:

I have 30 customers and 30 different reps (one for each customer) who need to provide a status on that customer on a regular basis, at least once every two weeks.

The requirements:

  1. Use a simple form to


I have a sheet published in Card View on our company Wiki page with Read Only - Full features.

I'd like to have the ability to set the Published Card View to match how I have my sheet set up and not a generic Card View. 

For example, I have several lanes collapsed, 'All Levels' selected, Specific


I understand that Published Sheets are dynamic and will reflect any changes to the sheet.

However, what about in terms of the Project Settings?  We have a published sheet that is displaying on a common monitor.  When the sheet was published, the Timeline Display was set to "Open to today's date".


I have been attempting set up a relational database for multiple client use.  This database should track records (rows including child rows) as it progresses through different phases.  Projects may stop periodically and should be searchable and may be re-started later.  I have tried using 3 column


The new dashboard feature for Smartsheet says we can embed power BI reports by publishing to web, but doing that in Power BI makes your report public to everyone. How can I embed while still mainting privacy as these reports have company information?

There is a Power BI option that allows you to