I'm incredibly new to Smartsheets (I joined yesterday) and am feeling my way around quite nicely. However, certain things are eluding me.

We have a single smartsheet that contains information that we publish to a website. Each row is an indicator that gets published quarterly.

What I'd like to do is


Any help with this would be appreciated.

I haven't been able to come up with a formula that would check a reference sheet for a value and pull the data from another column to populate the current form. I expect it would be a compound formula with an IF and maybe a INDEX,  but I'm having difficulty



I looked at several tool to manage our maintenance program. We have several equipments with subcategory that I can organize with Parent and children relationship. I have a due date and a frequency of operation (industrial application: Replace hydraulic oil, replace wear plate etc).

My plan:



Can anyone give me some idea on Summing up across multiple smart sheets new entry value in separate smart sheet please.

I can sum up specific cell values or range  but i am looking for sum of daily entered values of same column from different sheets.