Hi All!


I am at a loss at how to even start this design. 


I have approximately 15 tasks that occur every month on the same BUSINESS day 

I have another 5 tasks that occur on the same business day every quarter.


I would like to see this in a calendar view


Any suggestions on how to build this?


Hello everyone! 

Hoping I can get some assistance from the Gurus around here.

Currently, we have an =IF formula that looks at the Due Date of a project and:

  • if the project is today, it returns THIS WEEK
  • if the project was last week, it returns LAST WEEK
  • if it is next week, it returns NEXT WEEK
  • if it


I'm trying to count instances of a specific selection in a multi-select column when "Yes" is in another column.  I've tried various FIND, COUNT, COUNTIF, COUNTIFS then IF or AND, but I'm not able to figure this one out.  


This one ALMOST works, but it won't count when another value is selected in