I'd like to try and figure out how to most effectively and efficiently connect 2 separate smartsheets together, preferably through some sort of smart formula/code. I don't think doing a manual "cell linking" from a cell in one sheet to the next would be very smart or efficient for what I'm trying to


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Has anyone figured out how to move completed tasks in a RYG task list automatically to the "Completed" task section? This seems like an obvious (and implementable) thing to do -- after all, Google Keep does it pretty easily. This seems like a prime candidate for something that could be



Is there a limit to the number of entries in a drop down list?  Would  a list of 1200-1500 names have an impact on performance?  We don't need validation or conditional formatting (e.g. red for a value is entered that is not in the list). Are there best practices for a task like this?

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