I have a series of standard processes that have the same dependency and predecessor data each time. 

I have the primary column  as a job number, and then a second column with a drop down list of all the standard processes (I.e. assembly, pre-assembly etc.).

If pre-assembly is selected, for


I have created a smartsheet that contains a form for my team to fill out. Once this form is filled out I would like that data to go to the main sheet that is viewable by my team and then populate another sheet that is viewable to the managers only. Is there a way to have that data when added to


Hi everyone,

I have a question about the range name and description.

When I use formula with another sheet it calls automatically like {range Count}.

Later, when I try to find out, which sheet data is being used in the formula, I can't find the sheet and range because I just forgot it and it is not


I tried to count all parents inside a sheet but since now it was only possible with an additional column.

The formula I used to check if it was a parent is this one: =IF(COUNT(PARENT([Task Name]2)) > 0, "false", "true")


And to calculate how many parents are existing, I just counted the cells,


I have a sheet where issues are logged. The primary is a record ID, I have another column "Assigned" which has 7 names in a dropdown. Another column is "Field" with 9 options in a dropdown. I am trying to create a formula that will lookup unique pairs from Assigned and Filed and count the number of