An employee retired without transferring his sheets and reports, that are in various workspaces and folders, to me. How do I keep the sheets and reports in the same workspace and folders while transferring ownership to me? I'm SysAdm and licensed user on Enterprise


Formula gods, looking for help, please.

I'm trying to write a formula that says if the finish date is not blank, then the QA status is Green, if finish date is blank, then go to the days open field and if less than >= 60 and <=89 then Yellow, if days open is >=90 then Red.

I can write the individual


Hi there,

We have just started using a simple workflow to approve capital investment projects in the business. The workflow submits each project justification through a hierarchy of approvers, dependant on the value of the project. The workflow has minimum of 7 approvers in the process for a given


Is there any way to select only specific columns to be included in alert messages that are sent out using the SmartSheet Automation feature?

Currently, I set up an alert. And it displays all of the columns, even if I hide certain columns in the sheet. I'd like to be able to select which columns are



I am trying to average a customer feedback section of my sheet.  But if the cells where the data to be averaged will come from, the result section shows #Divide by Zero.  I use the formula =AVG([column1:column2]).  What's the formula I need to use for this?  I saw in the other community discussion