I have a master vendor list sheet that contains a checkbox column for vendor type.  I would like to create a new sheet that pulls over just the vendors that have the vendor type column checked.  I need a separate sheet so I can use it for widget in my dashboard.  I don't want to filter or


Hi! I love Smartsheet but I can't seem to find a way to do the following:

After a user submits a Smartsheet web form entry to populate my sheet with data, I'd like to embed a hyperlink into both (if possible) the response and email confirmation so that the user is directed to a web page on my site



Hoping you might be able to assist me with a similar issue I'm experiencing. I've attempted to import a Trello board into Smartsheet for one of my colleagues and I'm getting the same error message, when I view it in grid view on some of the rows.

The formula in question that is currently


Hi all, 

I'm trying to populate an entire column on a sheet using both cross-sheet and in-sheet references. I'm trying to return a value according to the following logic:  

Looking for cells cross-sheet that contain "Opening Date" and returning the value from the cell to it's right (also


Hello, is there a way to set up a workflow or some automation on a sheet what would move it to a designated folder and remove all share permissions after some # of days of inactivity?  As an admin, I have a lot of sheets stacking up and would like to either start setting them up with this auto move