Can't figure this out.. I have form with 4 fields in it. The user picks drop downs off of each of the 4 questions and saves the form.  In the sheet, I have a 5th column that concatenates all of the 4 fields. (It basically builds a unique name for each of our customer audits) and looks like this..


I have a column set up as a multiple contact to capture all authors on a journal publication. I would like to use a formula that will count the total number of times a specific name appears in then column. I have tried =COUNTIF({ALL AUTHORS},"John Doe"), but I know it does not yield all of the times


Hi all,


Trying to build 2 spreadsheets that need to communicate with each other at this level:

One of them (first) will have the raw material code, name, supplier, last date of testing, risk rating, test required, etc.

The other (second) spreadsheet will be a record of materials booked in.

Will it


I'm hoping the smartsheet Gods can help me.

I'm struggling.  I have 126 projects in my sheet and about 30 different project leaders.  Each project leader is set up as a contact (see 2nd screentshot - Pink)

I'm trying to count projects by project lead.  

I'm hoping to come up with something like the