I have a particular situation: 4 columns defined as checkbox. The description of the columns reflect a sequence: Open, In progress, Pending and Closed. I need that when I tick a subsequent columns/status the previous one (or the others) will be automatically unticked.

Could you please help


When I need to work in multiple sheets, I find it easier to open several sessions of Smartsheet and have one on monitor 1 and one on monitor 2.  But when I'd like to move the session I have open on monitor 2 over to monitor 1 and nest it at the top in IE, the right side of the screen inside the


There has been very little discussion on this topic.  What is required to get this feature added to the API?  I have been assigned the task of creating a JAVA app that will create new workspacea from a set of templates we've created. This is to be done through the JAVA API(SDK). I've completed the



I am trying to create a project where depending on a certain task completing or not, the project sheet auto skips other listed tasks.  This is very simple, but very hard to communicate via words what I am trying to do. 

For example, lets say I have a project that lists out how to drive a car.