Dear Smartsheet,

The issue

- import of a google/excel sheet containing an "Assigned To" column fails to assign to known smartsheet users any of the tasks listed in the file that was imported with matching user names/email addresses

  • The specific problem is that even though the name or email address


We have set up a connection between Smartsheet and JIRA and whenever a row on our Smartsheet becomes a ticket in JIRA, it automatically populates in the backlog instead of within the sprint we've defined within Smartsheet. Is there a way to get around this? I saw a thread that I think was related to


I'm using an Index match to pull a certain number. In this column I will get a successful return of a few number then the Error then more correct numbers. 

Thing is, they are all pulling from the same data set (from an API), and using the same parameters and search values. 

Why am I getting the