I am running a formula to calculate the days between a start date and today(), if the number is less than 25 then it inserts today's date in a cell.  That cell is then used to trigger an email to a user for action.

If the start date is in the past the calculated days between is a negative.  I want


I'm new to SS. This is my first project. I have an audit process I am building for a customer. There are 5 separate forms needed for the audit process. I originally had all 5 forms feeding the same sheet but with over 100+ columns for each audit, I went crazy scrolling left to right looking for the


Hello all,

I am trying to set a formula up that adds the sum of several Parent lines, but only if they are positive.  Adding all parents under one banner i use the Sum(Children) however, I tried to add only positive parents by using a SumIf(Cell1:Cell5, >0, Cell1:Cell5) but in doing so only managed