I have a master sheet that has tasks for all types of projects and depending on the customer we sign, I will go through and delete the rows I no longer need. The issue is that my RYG (error: #BLOCKED) and Predecessors (error: #REF) error when I do this which means I then need to go back and correct



I am pretty new to Smartsheet so, please forgive me if the solution to this question is obvious to most. :) 

Our company is developing some project management sheets to help us in our transition to paperless. We have put together a template that we feel pretty satisfied with to get going and as


I am modifying the "Help Desk Ticket Tracker & Form" template.  I don't want to double-enter the date, so I deleted the 'date' column and am using the 'Created (date)' system-generated column.

When I use the webform, it will fill in the date created.  But if I add a line directly in the smartsheet,