I have a sheet that I have included the current inspection date. I need to calculate two expiration dates. One column @ 90 days post the inspection date and one column @ 365 days post the inspection date. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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I am trying to share a report to users (not licensed) but can only get them to see the sheets in the report if I give them a license. I have shared the relevant sheets with the users.


Before we signed up to the paid account this was an option.






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I have a column set up to indicate Task Progress (can choose from dropdown: Not Yet Started, In Progress, Nearing Completion, etc.) but also would like it to automatically mark "Complete" if another column (checkbox formatting) has a marked checkbox. 

The issue I'm having is that the


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I know how to lock a row when a certain condition (or a set thereof) is met. But is there a way that when a row gets auto-locked, all its child-rows also get locked automatically?

In other words, some kind of inheritance mechanism. 

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I am using a this Vlookup formula =VLOOKUP([Capex APR# / Opex WBS]1, {array}, 4, false)

This formula works ok and looks at data in the one sheet  {array}

due to the amount of data, two sheets are now required to be looked at by the formula how do I do this?


For our smartsheet we keep track of vehicles that are or are not repaired. To keep track of how many "open claims" we have I am trying to count how many blank cells we have in the column that signifies if something is complete, but when I try to just count those cells it counts the automatic