I created a Sheet Summary Report, and have found that the fields within the report are not editable, unlike a Row Report.  In a Row Report, I can click into the cell directly within the report and update it.  On my Sheet Summary Report, the cells in report are locked down and uneditable. 

Am I


I'm trying to setup an intake process where a new project is submitted through a form and appears within a project intake sheet for review/approval/denial. If approved, I'd like certain, if not all, column values for new projects to be copied over to a master sheet, which includes additional columns


Hello All!

I have a folder template that has a sheet with task tracking.  I have forms for entering certain tasks, Internal, External, and SCRUM tasks.  Currently, I have a link to the form on a dashboard, however, the link is static and does not change when I copy the folder template and make a new