I know I can bulk load contacts into Smartsheets for my account.  But is there a way to upload full profiles?  If so, what's the CSV format and where do I do this? 

Or - Asked a different way - If I include all of the contact info in the CSV file, will it import all of the data?  Or only the "First


I wish, I wish upon a sheet that these will someday be a reality...if some of these are already posted, I apologize... Product team - most, if not all, of these were sent to Scott Willeke verbally or via e-mail so he could lend more context.  These items are some of the things that would make


Hi all,

I am trying to work out a formula to get a cell to return a date based on a dropdown value.

I need the cell to tell me when a matter is due, based on when the matter was received and the priority rating. 

the priority levels are (Service Type):

  • Fast track - 7 days
  • Basic - 14 days
  • Standard -