I'm am trying to replicate the below formulas in smartsheet so it can automatically calculate the Risk Level with existing controls and with additional mitigation. The below formulas are currently being used in excel:

Formula for existing controls Risk Level:




I'm trying to schedule 2 dates form the same line into a calendar. For example. Each time we sell a job, the job has a Part A installation, and a Part B installation. 

With this the line would have Part A Date, Duration and a installer. Same with Part B. The Installer is conditional formatted


I am in need for the status colum 1 (red, yellow, green) to automatically change when column 2 (date) is passed column 3 (date). Can this be done with a formula? 

I can do "=IF([Approved Required Delivered Date]1 < [Adjusted Delivery Date]1, "Red")", however, I am sure on how to add the other two


Hi, Gentlemen.


I created some charts on Smartsheet Labs Charts but i can't add them into my workspace on Smartsheet.


How do i do that? Above is a print screen of the charts i created.


OBS: I have already tried to upload via URL (URL and embed code). I was not successful.


I need help


My example is to select an material size value based on the material. Something like this:  

If [cell1]="4X8 Sheet" then [cell2]=32, if [cell1]="4X12 Sheet" then [cell2]=48, etc, etc. 

I have a dropdown list in the materials column to restrict the set of possible materials.

Subsequently, I would


I commonly have task lists that are nested to an arbitrary number of levels. In card view, you can filter tasks to level 1, level 2, etc. This isn't very useful to me. I think it would be far more useful to have a filter "include summary tasks (or not)". Since my actual tasks are always on leaf


First post, Longtime SSheet user but new to formulas and stuck on this last one for a dashboard. 

I am trying to count rows where the due date is within a range, the form created date is within 14 days of the due date and the status is not "complete." I have tried a wide variety of solutions.