I currently have an issue where I would like to share capabilities for certain folders to some and it doesn't seem like it has the capability to do that.

Currently, I can share the overall workspace with everyone or certain sheets/reports/dashboards within the folders, but it is not easy to get a


I am trying to decide between one sheet vs multiple sheets.  I currently have one sheet but it has over 50-60 columns and there are sets of data that will be used by different areas.  I know I can filter what is needed (to a point) with reports but it still doesn't give me the end result I need.




I am hoping someone can help me design this type of Survey Form to send out to my work employees.  I would like to ask them to pick an answer (that I give them), by selecting the radio button.  It seems easy enough however, I do not see this.  I have attached a screenshot.  If you know how


I am using the first row for totals and it is throwing my auto numbering system off. Is there a way to have the auto number start on row 2? Alternatively, if I put my totals on the last row, the web form will populate new rows below my totals. What are some best practices to display my column totals


Hello everyone,


Starting with Smartsheet, I don't find any documentation about distributing a new and unique sheet to collaborators.


The idea is :

  • I build a main spreadsheet, and I want multiple collaborators to fill this sheet individually
  • I want to keep track of all the status of certain