Hello! I am hopeful that I can find the solution to this issue. This is a bit of a long one, so get comfortable!


I am using SS to organize the workflow of active jobs at our precision manufacturing facility. Each job requires almost 100 independent job steps from start to finish. Each individual



I recently realized that Smartsheet has a major flaw in rolling up % Completion.

In Smartsheet %complete for a Parent is calculated as a weighted average of %completion of the immediate children times the duration of the Parent. For example in the following Project, the overall % complete shows


I am trying to set up a way to track manpower 50+ people plus projects that are ongoing.  

2 separate sheets are fine - 1 project summary and 1 manpower.

How can i set it up, that i can see who is available, when workers will be on vacation and it will notify is someone is booked for one project so


I would like the ability to send an automated email to a sheet assignee at a certain time with attachments linked on that line in the smartsheet.  preferrably I would like to be able to create a user group instead of a single assignee so that the email can be sent to multiple people but at this time


Hello there everyone interested!

We're looking to share sheets to various departments here however we don't want all cells to be able to be filled in (or changed) by all users.

Is there a way that we can restrict editable fields to certain user accounts so user A can only edit columns 1-3 and user B


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Was hoping someone could have some insight on this.  We are looking to see if smartsheets can be the platform for an operators log..  the features of the dashboard and filters to help ease searching ... 

But our issue is; the size constraints .. we probably would use 5000 lines in a