As a Project Manager I need to assign "Non Human" resources to tasks within my Smartsheet  project workflow.  Some of my project tasks involve using multiple computers for processing.  Depending on the size of the project, it can be anywhere from 15 to 100+ computers being allocated to that task for


Hey guys.

I am just starting to setup a sheet for a huge sports event that shall provide all relevant info, but also be used live to update the onsite status.

Basically there will be about 10 stations that will be identically except for individual timings and some details (i.e. number of people per


Here is the formula I'm using...

=IF([End Date]56 > TODAY() + 7, "Future Task", IF(AND([End Date]56 < TODAY() + 7, [End Date]56 > TODAY(), [% Complete]56 < 1), "On Schedule", IF(AND([End Date]56 < TODAY(), [% Complete]56 < 1), "Late", "Complete")))

The formula works to identify Future and Late