Hi, I have an inventory sheet where users are putting products in a box, the user would like to minimize the number of clicks as they are moving large number of products a day but these products will go into several boxes. is there a way to have a form look at a value the user maintained in a table,

Christopher D Thrasher


Hello All, I am trying to build a graph of data and I was hoping someone had some ideas for me.

Scenario:  Multiple locations use a form to input data on incidents that occur at their location. The form has them input incident type (from a dropdown list), time of day (from a dropdown list), their



My organization has finalized our 2020 Capital Ex Budget. Starting in January 2020, I want to create a Capital Exp Form that provides the options that were approved for the 2020 Cap Ex Budget. For example, the form would be set up as follows: 

1. Is the capital expenditure request a 2020