I need to add up the following: 

1) All Labeled as Country X from a Qualitative field that is requiring me to use the FIND function. 

2) All labeled as AreaY across 3 columns (I have tried selecting all columns as a range and also just selecting the relevant rows as well). 

Currently using:




I am looking for a way to "connect" two Smartsheets that track a variety of projects (one for 2019, one for 2020). Curious to see if anyone has done this, recognizing that some work may extend into the next year, and if there are any lessons learned / pro-tips in creating and maintaining


Setting up an alert system that sends out notifications when a form has been completed.

To streamline the process I would like to use a field from the form in the email title to differentiate between the emails rather than a range of emails with the same title.

Is that possible and if so, how?



So I created this template for our sales team. The idea is that in the yellow boxes they enter item number and quantity (and other things based on where they are in the template) and was informed that there are some sales orders where they will need to add additional boxes.

We were looking to


Hello all,

I have a sheet that I'm trying to get the elapsed time in days from when a ticket was open to when it was closed. I am doing this using a second sheet, so the formula uses sheet references.

I am having trouble getting this to work when using a range of items. When I use the COUNTIFS