was hoping to get some help on an issue i am having .. we have an inventory control sheet .. we would like to use a web form(s) to not only take out something of the inventory but to also add something to the inventory.  I added a Category column and that is reflected in a dropdown list that


Anyone able to offer some help on the formula below - trying to return a list of information relative to an employee ID number to a column.  There will be several matches per ID, e.g. Matt worked item 1..  2...  3.. and 7.  I want to return the information relative to that ID for those entries.


Hi everyone,

I have a smartsheet where each row represents an "installation". One of the columns is called "Gone Live" and is of a type checkbox. I have created another column entitled "Number of Installs this year".

In this column, I want to create a formula that checks the "Gone Live" field, and