Hi, I have a roll up of numbers for the total of checkboxes checked off in our main data sheet. I've linked that totaled value into a separate sheet via the link cell capability. 

That is somehow not getting charted, and is showing up as "Invalid data"? 

What am I doing wrong?


I have created a smartsheet that contains a form for my team to fill out. Once this form is filled out I would like that data to go to the main sheet that is viewable by my team and then populate another sheet that is viewable to the managers only. Is there a way to have that data when added to


I'm linking to someone's Start Date on a project, using the relevant sheet. However, the End Dates I need to track are at the end of a long set of tasks on another sheet - only once all those tasks are completed will this person's time on the project be done. I'd like to link to the very last task


I am currently creating an report which looks up dates based on specific milestone tasks over a number of project sheets.

When the vlookup calculation is entered and I hit the Return key, is it giving me an alert that the value is not in date format.  Being the admin, I am able to override this.