Hi, Just a small question is the Unlicensed User can also delete the row?

Scenario: we have created a workspace and we want Unlicensed User to only edit the row but he/she can't delete the row. 

secondly: if Unlicensed User delete row or related information in row how the admin will get to know what


Hello smartsheet community, 

Initially I was tracking completed tasks with a "Done" column which would automatically format the row. After needing to add more options like "Cancelled", "In Progress" etc. I opted to create separate column which contains those options.

After clearing all of the "Done"


I have a task list that includes what project the task belongs to. The project field is filled in manually (not a preexisting list).

I would like to setup a dashboard to show a distinct list of projects that had been worked on, how much time was spent on them, etc.

Where I am having trouble is how


We are trialling smartsheet and overall enjoying it so far however we have run into a bit of brick wall and any help would be appreciated!

We have a main sheet with all our orders on it, using an older version to muck about with layout at set up at this stage hence the old haulage dates! Each order


We are having people create a hyperlink in a cell on a sheet to a word document saved on our O365 sharepoint. I want this link to then be available on the dashboard. I currently have the cell linked in the Metric Wizard, but when viewing the dashboard, the link is broken and only the words are



I am looking to create a master sheet that contains personnel data elements used by multiple teams with different needs. The master sheet should allow data entry of new attendees while also pulling new entries from a related travel sheet.


Master Sheet Admin is aware of a new registrant


Hello all of my smartsheets are coming up with the message - more sheets referenced than allowed and I am not sure what to do about it as the sheets were created for me and i know they all link to a 'master' sheet and now that I've added more rows this message appears every time I open the sheet.