Have a folder with 15 sheets, reports and dashboards used as a template folder.  Titles include (Clear) as a generic placeholder in the folder and used in the 15.  When a new project is started, we "Save As New" that folder, replace (Clear), with the project folder name and do so for each associated


Hi all,

Been trying to look for my solution here, but i can't seem to find it. Hopefully someone can help me.

I have a supplier approval database with supplier info, several checkboxes for required docs, etc.

Also have an approval column, and then an approval reference column.

What i intend to do


Ok. so I've set up a rolling dashboard built around the today function - something like this. Everything rolls over automatically as it all references TODAY() to determine the various derivatives.

(see screenshot)

It's great, but doesn't scale (yet). The Month column uses this right now -


I have update requests set for each employee's annual review. I would like to change one bit of text in the preformatted email. Is there a way to do this? Specifically, the line reads:

Contact Mary Beth or Jesse. 

I would like to remove 'Mary Beth or'

Is there a way to do this without opening each


I am trying to get the task name of the current milestone to populate a cell so I can use that cell in a dashboard. I have a helper column that counts the number of days until due, and can get the lowest number in the range that is >0, no problem. How can I return the Task Name of the row that I


I wish, I wish upon a sheet that these will someday be a reality...if some of these are already posted, I apologize... Product team - most, if not all, of these were sent to Scott Willeke verbally or via e-mail so he could lend more context.  These items are some of the things that would make


I am trying to get a count of completed tasks by a team by month across multiple sheets. 

I've created this formula in the sheet summary: =COUNTIFS(Status:Status, "Complete", [Team Assignment]:[Team Assignment], "Lean"). If I'm trying to get a completed count of tasks for the month of September, how