One very interesting thing for me is the curiosity I get from people around me when they see me using Smartsheet. The low threshold of knowledge to get into it and the "mimic" of spreadsheet (excel) view behind it makes it so much more attractive than MS Project for example. Often when I bring up MS


Hi there, I've seen some discussion on these boards about managing non-working time. It seems there's two out-of-the-box options, either to have each individual project manage their time or have a sysadmin do it at a global level. Some have suggested blocking time using a dedicated gannt chart. 



Hi everyone,

I have a smartsheet where each row represents an "installation". One of the columns is called "Gone Live" and is of a type checkbox. I have created another column entitled "Number of Installs this year".

In this column, I want to create a formula that checks the "Gone Live" field, and



I am looking to set up a credentialing tracking template. I would like to track the credentialing process including but not limited to documents submitted/pending, approvals, etc. I'm curious, does anyone out there have any examples of such templates? Any ideas are much appreciated.