Is there any way to extract the Cell history to calculate formulas.

What I am trying to do is create metrics off the dates in the cell history. I.E. if a Dropdown list column starts on July 1 with Value 1 and changes to Value 2 on December 10th then Value 3 on December 21st. I want to measure




I'm drawing a blank on why this filter is not working correctly. I process the archive of the data in this log and will archive every week the items that are 21 days or older. This is how I have my archive set up and it always returns items that were submitted today (which most certainly


I am working on a an extensive approval workflow with numerous steps and approvers.  I am running into a challenge with getting the reasons why someone is declining a request to be part of the automation.  Is there a way to allow for the user to input comments to support their reasoning for hitting


Good afternoon Smartsheeters ;)

I am only new to Smartsheet and have started working on some existing docs.

We have a very clunky and manual way of applying a designated PRIORITY number.  When the sheet for each project/group of projects is first started, its easy - everything is labelled from