Hey guys,

I have read several posts with several workarounds for calculating a value between a Start Time and an End Time where the input and result need to be in HH:MM. I have an idea and a beginning:

1. I created two System Columns. [Start Time] as 'Created (Date)' and [End Time] as 'Modified



I just began using Dashboards and I have a question I´ve not able to answer. I have a project portfolio and several projects.  The project portfolio is a centralized Smartsheet and its related to all the individual project smartsheets.

I´m trying to build a Dashboard where you can select one of


Hello! I need some help enhancing how we track our current projects in Smartsheet. 

I work for an engineering consulting firm. We have been using Smartsheet over the last 9 months to track tasks and manage workflow. The majority of our projects are labor-only. Due to the nature of our work with


Hi there! I am seeking some advice on how to ensure that when you add someone in Grid view that they show up in card view as well. I am also needing some advice on how to remove someone who has nothing assigned to them from the "Assigned To" view in card view. Is this possible? Thanks in



I cannot find a pre existing template in smartsheet templates

Do any smartsheet users have an existing template on their smartsheet account for Supplier/Vendor Performance or Evaluation, preferably with pre defined criteria, and pre formatted score chart and graphs?

If so, are you happy to share


I have a project schedule with multiple levels of parent rows. In the Duration column, the 2nd and 3rd tiers of parent rows do not subtotal the children underneath them. Is there some other setting or consideration for getting this to roll up properly? Will Smartsheet allow a 2nd or 3rd tier parent