Can't figure this out.. I have form with 4 fields in it. The user picks drop downs off of each of the 4 questions and saves the form.  In the sheet, I have a 5th column that concatenates all of the 4 fields. (It basically builds a unique name for each of our customer audits) and looks like this..


I have Two sheets, one that acts as a "Rate card", it is broken down into Job title / Location / Day rate and the second is a budget sheet.

For Example, Rate Card

Column 1 / Column 2 / Column 3

Project Manager / UK / £10

Project Manager / US / £20

Developer / UK / £11

Developer / US / £22

In my


Hi there I need a formula that will look across rows and columns in a table. 

For example,  I need the result for School District-B with 23 items. The result from the table below should populate with: $350

                                         1-5       6-15    16-25    26-50   51-100