Hi, I need help for a simple formula.  I emailed Smartsheet support a month ago but never got an answer.

I want to total how much has been spent by budget type in a given year.  Example types are Gardening or Security.  Debit is the $ amount, and Year is 2019 in this case.

Columns are:   Type, Debit


Hello community! Anyone have a work-around for this? Here's the situation:

I’ve created a vlookup formula in my sheet to obtain an email address from another sheet, and then want to alert someone using the email address result from the formula. When I go to build the condition in the alert (for



I currently have the following formula which is used for counting how many jobs we intend to complete on a day:

=COUNTIF({Realistic Completion Date 4}, {Realistic Completion Date 4} = TODAY())

This works fine, although there is a scenario where we often add things to the job, which is identified