I explain, I need to create an expiration date from a drop-down menu where the different types of payments of my clients are informed. Example, if a customer's account is "up to date" it means that the due date will be the issue date + 0. Also if another customer has a "credit" deferred payment


Hi all,

I am looking to add filters for Smartsheet documents. I am relatively new with Smartsheet and have been tasked with creating some documents and reports. We are attempting to model one of our documents after the picture attached (the first one). Here is a synopsis of several goals we are


Dear, I appreciate your help.

I need to create a formula that changes the status column depending on the following conditions. (The image in the example table has reference TODAY = August 28, 2019)

1) If the Balance column is equal to 0 (Green)

2) If the Balance column is less than 0 (Yellow)

3) If



I built a Fund Allocation Request form that makes people produce PDF for printing at the end of the process.  To be able to produce the PDF, I use Smartsheet Merge.  But I ran into an issue of confidentiality.  Since the form is a finance thing, we don't want the users to see how much funds are