Hello all,

I am trying to set a formula up that adds the sum of several Parent lines, but only if they are positive.  Adding all parents under one banner i use the Sum(Children) however, I tried to add only positive parents by using a SumIf(Cell1:Cell5, >0, Cell1:Cell5) but in doing so only managed


I am trying to get one box to check under one or another conditions.

1. when a certain cell has any text

2. When another certain box is checked

The function I came up with follows, but it doesn't seem to work. There might be one small tweak I need to make, but I am still new to making formulas.


Hi all. New, enthusiastic user here hoping for some guidance. In setting up a repeating process, I have dependencies/predecessors clearly identified. Wonderful! Now, how does one set an alert/notification to auto-send to a task's assignee when the task's predecessor's status changes to