Hey guys,

I have read several posts with several workarounds for calculating a value between a Start Time and an End Time where the input and result need to be in HH:MM. I have an idea and a beginning:

1. I created two System Columns. [Start Time] as 'Created (Date)' and [End Time] as 'Modified


Has anyone figured out a workaround to putting links into dynamic view. I am using control center to create a hyperlink to another sheet with display text (for example "West Coast Project List"). This type of hyperlink does not show up in Dynamic View. I am trying to find a work around and was


Hi Everyone,

I am using a sheet too manage and track mails received by my department , and I am having troubles defining a formula to automatically display in a symbol type column ( called Statuts ) , a ball whose coulour depends on some circumstances .

I would like to precise that I am using the


Hello all,

I have been pouring through excel and smartsheet help forums for a couple of days now, and I haven't seen my issue asked or addressed so thought I'd ask here. 

I have, in one column called Terms, cells that contains lists of terms and phrases.  For example, one cell contains the following