I am relatively new to SmartSheets but I am looking to place a form we have now into smartsheets to collect the data there. 

However our Executive Team likes the look of the original form... 

Is there a way to export data in a way other then in a grid/ excel looking chart?

Id like to


We have lots of alerts/actions/notification rules setup across lots of sheets.  When I delete a user due to employee termination, then I get this message:

"Invalid recipients in Alerts and Actions rule"

I don't want to have to dig through dozens of sheets to remove the people, how can I do this on a


I'm looking for a way to pull information from other sheets, while also being allowed to manually add data. The reason I'm doing this is to allow for staff to go to one place where we can share individuals goals, tasks and progress. Is there a way to do this?

I have tried formulas, but I do not



I'm trying to set up a form for people to use to register for specific seats in specific courses.

For instance, on the form, I should be able to select course A with my name and email . At that time, 1 seat from course A on the sheet should be populated with this data, and the number of


We are using smartsheet to Nationally track data. When a webform is submitted there is a requirement to email a certain person within the company notifying them that a report has been issued and action is required. The list of different people who might have to be emailed on the report generated is


Hi everyone, 

Has anyone used the live data connector to integrate with another platform such as Qlik or any other? I know that SM now has the dashboard view, but I do not think it is as powerful as other BI platforms. From what I see, the SM dashboard is a very high level overview and does not give


Hey everyone,

I've got a set of data pulling in completion % by date, and want to give my team a quick snapshot of overall health of the project based on completion % for TODAY(). I have used the following formula, which works for giving RYG per day:

=IF(AND(Date9 = TODAY(), Difference9 < 0.05),