Good morning!  Searched around and don't see an answer to this.  When moving a row from one sheet to another do all the same columns need to exist on each sheet, or will the move option simply populate the columns that do match between the two sheets?

I think I recall that both sheets have to have


Hi there!

I have a column set up to indicate Task Progress (can choose from dropdown: Not Yet Started, In Progress, Nearing Completion, etc.) but also would like it to automatically mark "Complete" if another column (checkbox formatting) has a marked checkbox. 

The issue I'm having is that the


Hi All 

I know how to lock a row when a certain condition (or a set thereof) is met. But is there a way that when a row gets auto-locked, all its child-rows also get locked automatically?

In other words, some kind of inheritance mechanism. 

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One of our teams is using Smartsheet for team calendars, tracking things like time off, travel, working from home days, etc.  Key notification criteria is based on start and/or end dates.

Currently, their notification is setup to trigger when the start date is today. This doesn't catch when


I'm trying to setup an intake process where a new project is submitted through a form and appears within a project intake sheet for review/approval/denial. If approved, I'd like certain, if not all, column values for new projects to be copied over to a master sheet, which includes additional columns


I have three different gantts with some summary data that is fed into the main project data sheet. Only one of the gantt sheets is used in a project, so I thought of linking each of the gantts' data (exact same field/cell in each sheet) to a cell in the project data sheet - then just grab the one


While the header of my question seems confusing, hopefully an easy solution exists somewhere.

I have a complex smartsheet's dashboard created which has metric widgets filled with values that update every time a new form is submitted to a sheet ("sheetX" for later reference).

What I want to do is try


I am having issues with the Automatic move row function and external sheet references.

It doesnt seem that the automation will trigger if the formula needs to look up a value from a different sheet. Proofing is not turn on for this sheet. See screenshot for the formula

Automation: If cell= "a