Is there any way to extract the Cell history to calculate formulas.

What I am trying to do is create metrics off the dates in the cell history. I.E. if a Dropdown list column starts on July 1 with Value 1 and changes to Value 2 on December 10th then Value 3 on December 21st. I want to measure



I am currently running reports which summarise an individual's outstanding actions across different smartsheets. The idea is that they can update the report rather than having to look at multiple reports however when trying to add in comments they cant - am I correct in thinking that they can


I have created a report with the attribute of Current User; when I added this to a Dashboard - it appears that functionality with the report is lost. When going to the dashboard - the report still reflects my assignments;

the current user function within the report works as I tested it within my


I'm running a landscape installation company in Smartsheet and I'd like to set up a way to send an automated weekly email to the client's email address stored in a contact column with their jobs that are coming up in the next few days.  In my sheet, each row represents a job and I have a start date.



I'm trying to schedule 2 dates form the same line into a calendar. For example. Each time we sell a job, the job has a Part A installation, and a Part B installation. 

With this the line would have Part A Date, Duration and a installer. Same with Part B. The Installer is conditional formatted


My example is to select an material size value based on the material. Something like this:  

If [cell1]="4X8 Sheet" then [cell2]=32, if [cell1]="4X12 Sheet" then [cell2]=48, etc, etc. 

I have a dropdown list in the materials column to restrict the set of possible materials.

Subsequently, I would


Hi there!

I am trying to make a master reporting sheet that is just a sum of another source sheet based on specific criteria of parent and child rows. It's a two step SUMIFS that I can't seem to get straight. It would need to be a sum "grand total count", if hierarchy 0 month = specified month and