The outlook integration as it exists is nice if you only have one or two projects.   As a single user I manage hundreds of projects at a time I would like to be able to sync my calendar to outlook in a more integrated format.  For example, when i set a task or appointment date in Smartsheet I would


I'm using Smartsheet to request things through different processes in our organization, but one request process that is giving me headaches is requesting after hours air conditioning. We use building automation to control when air conditioning runs, and people have to request A/C if they are using a


Hi all, I have two views that need to be sent as a PDF on a biweekly basis. I'm looking for the following:

1) Calendar view export that shows launch dates within the current month and next two months - I'm aware I can set report parameters to show everything launching within the next 90 days, but I


I've not been active on this site over the past 2 weeks or more, simply because I'm becoming increasingly frustrated with the limitations I'm faced with because of bugs, oversights and a lack of fundamental features.

Primary for me is a fix to the UTC Server vs Local date issue. I've spent time