I'd like to create an inventory and link it to a calendar, allowing individuals to check out items on certain dates. This way anyone could open the calendar and see if the equipment they need is available on the date they'd like to reserve it. Is this possible or is my head in the clouds?


I want the range of days from Monday the 1st to Monday the 21st to read 21 days; yet it reads "22 days" in the duration column.  This is because day 1 is the first day, when I need "day 1" to be the following date from the first day.  Is there any easy way to fix this?  In my job I can never count


Hello - Is anyone else experiencing this?  

We have several google "chrome base" desktops, (just like a chrome book laptop, only a desktop).....while working from with in the chrome web browser, on the chrome base, we are not able to use the horizontal scroll in the grid view.  We have to resort to


When integrating my Smartsheet into Google Calendar it creates a second event for every task labeled "Edit Smartsheet Rows". I think this has something to do with making it easier to adjust the Smartsheet from the Google Calendar, but I don't need that functionality nearly as much as I need my