I'd like to show a sheet in the dashboard in both:

1. Grid view

2. Calendar view

WHen I publish the link to put on the dashboard, it only one or the other. Please tell me there's a way to publish in multiple


Current project settings allow to set-up working/non-working days and length of day in hours globally per project (see screenshot)

We have teams from different continents and countries (US, India, China, Germany etc) working on the same project. It would be good to have an ability to set-up


This question stems from a previous topic.

Given a report that pulls from 10 sheets (updated by different PM), can I bulk export all sheets to PDF so I can drop them in a Box folder for archiving with a weekly report


Print view looks terrible, especially when we have an embedded Calendar view widget it shows up blank.

We have widgets:

- Report

- Shortcut link to sheet

- Calendar view 

We would like to "back up" the dashboard view to PDF or image format and attach it for those that want to view offline (and back


Hi there Smartsheet Community!

I have been a smartsheet user for a few years now but this is my first post with the community (so i'll try my very best to describe my issue)

I use two different sheets for planning in my company, which is currently manually updated. I am hoping to link these sheets


I am very new to Smartsheets and am in process of educating myself on the product to help develop some staffing workload tools on a project basis over time.  The goal is to help us analyze how employees are allocated on a project over a calender timeline. 

For example, we use project milestone


We want functionality where "Milestones missed in Last 30 days" are highlighted. We can identify Milestones. What functionality do we use to count the rows that have missed the milestone?

I've seen responses about Today() function having a daily-touch limitation. I'm looking for the exact Logic to


I see lots of posts on end of month, but can't find what I need, which I thought would be a common request.

I have a column with the Status of Action Items e.g. Open, Closed, Returned, Not Started etc.

On the first day of every month I want to automatically send a reminder Notification to all owners