I am new to Smartsheet and I am trying to create a view for my team where I can see all of the tasks, across multiple sheets (projects), that individual team members are assigned.  In other words I want a view where I can see all assigned tasks, with task names, who the tasks are assigned to,


Hi All,

we often have changing allocations for team members on a given task - ie no a flat 50% allocation for one task across multiple days. For instance - that person's allocation may be 25% the first day 50% the 2nd and third, 100% the 4th and 25% on the last day of the task. This is known as


Hi there! I am seeking some advice on how to ensure that when you add someone in Grid view that they show up in card view as well. I am also needing some advice on how to remove someone who has nothing assigned to them from the "Assigned To" view in card view. Is this possible? Thanks in