A member of my team is allocated resource on a project. The issue is that although they are only allocated to 85% on this project/task, it is showing as 100% in my resource view. I only have view access to the sheet and cant change that but am confused as to why this would be doing


We have a small team, with each member having very a specific area of expertise. As such, our timelines are defined by prioritization of tasks, dependencies, effort, and resource allocation.

I want to enter my tasks, set their dependencies, effort in hours, priorities, plug in the resources and set


Hello all!

I have a smartsheet that is always open in our warehouse to let the guys know when an item needs to be shipped; the line is added by our procurement team. After the warehouse personnel complete a shipment, they mark the status of that line as complete and save. The line then gets crossed


As a Project Manager I need to assign "Non Human" resources to tasks within my Smartsheet  project workflow.  Some of my project tasks involve using multiple computers for processing.  Depending on the size of the project, it can be anywhere from 15 to 100+ computers being allocated to that task for