Hello, can an unlicensed user see a list of all tasks assigned to them (across different sheets)? Our resources are frequently unlicensed as they only have to view the tasks, so they can't create reports.

I guess the project managers could create reports for individual resources, but the problem is


Hello, I am wondering if there is a way in Smartsheet to version control the sheets. Basically, we are using each sheet as an individual project plan. However, as projects progress, the plan will (usually) slip and/or have to be updated, so we need to amend it. Since there seems to be no way in


What happens to sheets that are resource management enabled and have "assigned to" columns with users that have been (subsequently) deleted from our account?

Is there a best practice on how to maintain assigned to data from deleted users for archival/reference purposes?  Will resource views still


So I've had a problem with no "resource view by project" button.

Background information:

I'm a proposal writer working on a Growth Operations team. I've been working with our Strategic and Business Performance Group to incorporate more Smartsheet into our operations.

I've been entered as a system


I'm very new to Smartsheet and hoping someone can help me. I have created a checklist, with different categories divided up by parent rows, and the tasks listed as children under the categories. I have a checkbox column and each task (in the children rows) has a checkbox. I have figured out how to