So I have created several Reports and have noticed that when you add them to a Dashboard, anyone with Dashboard Access can view them as a Widget; however, When made a viewer on the Report itself, all the people see is a blank page.  Do the Viewers also need access to the sheet the report is pulled


What types, if any, of external input from other programs is SmartSheet capable of handling/using?

IE, is there a way to set up a sheet so that whenever a certain program updates its information your sheet does as well?  If so, what types of programs function in this way with SmartSheet?  Is it


I've noticed that some of the dates entered, if too far in the future will revert to last century.

i.e. January 5th, 2050 will work correctly if entered as 01/05/2050 but will think it's January 5th, 1950 if you enter 01/05/50

Also, once you enter the date as 01/05/2050 and it is shortened to


Hi there!

I am hoping that Smartsheet will prove to be the solution I am looking for, but I need a bit of help to get set up correctly.

I currently manage a Design team in a tech org, and I resource two types projects with my group:

- Long ongoing projects (these typically have one to two people


I have a word form that one of our teams needs to fill out. They then send me a pdf of the form and I need to enter the data from the form into a Smartsheet log. Is there a way to automatically scan the pdf and enter the data? I can also do it from the word form if needed.

Creating the form in