I am very new to Smartsheets and am in process of educating myself on the product to help develop some staffing workload tools on a project basis over time.  The goal is to help us analyze how employees are allocated on a project over a calender timeline. 

For example, we use project milestone



Please can someone suggest an dynamic alternative for Smartsheet to the FILTER function that Google Sheets have to include in a report.

I have a list of Asset I.D's that have multiple statuses at any given time. I would like to capture each Asset I.D assigned to each person according to the


I usually set allocations rates as average during term.

But,When the task is long term, it is  different allocations rate at each point in a same task.

And if I set allocations rate to another task at low loard point,Smartsheet alert the over resource by caliculating rates. 

(Because of the


Firstly, yes - I know the Control Center sheets are not "templates" but I would want resourcing to be able to filter out the workspace or at least the folder used to spin up SCC projects.

Since I pre-load "assembly time" by assigning it to the genaric "Assembly" contact in ALL of the grouped gantt