I am attempting to use the nesting formulas to auto generate text showing the status of a project step that is co-dependent on several previous steps, but only when the previous steps have been selected.

For instance,we have an "Assigned" column which is just a check box, a column which indicates if


I want to create a reminder to be sent automatically 5 days after the system-generated create (date), if another column is blank.

The system-generated column with the create(date) does not show in the dropdown of options for the date field.

Has anyone else run into this, and if so, any suggestions


Hi everyone!

We currently use Salesforce, Quip & Smartsheet however, we have not yet added the integration to sync them. Can anyone tell me what the huge advantage is to justify the price of the integration? The video links are a bit vague & I need to provide a few good reasons, other than an auto


Hello -

I manage a library of hard drives at my company. I have set up the library list in Smartsheet. When an employee checks out a hard drive, I enter their name, email address and date of check-out to the hard drive row. I'm trying to figure out how to set-up an alert to automatically remind the