I've created a project schedule template that I will use for multiple projects throughout the year (avg. 100). This template has a total of 4 different alerts/actions. The template will default to a subject line like this one for a notification: 

- "Changes to Schedule #1: Project w/Professional



I am trying to create a tracked schedule and was wondering if smartsheet had an option or setting that auto updated status based on the date entered and real time date. For example if a phase is due at 08/24/2018 and it is 08/25/2018 and the status box of completion is not checked yet, is there


Hi All, 


I would like to set due dates reminders for each assigned to person on my project sheet. 

I am aware of the reminder as row level and sheet level. 

Does the sheet level reminder mean that:

- Each of the assigned person will get a reminder of his/her task due date?

- Or it is only for



I’m part of an in-house legal department. The company has different departments and different types of contracts/advice they require us to produce.

To track the work, I have created one sheet for the legal team to use, covering all main "legal work" categories and then broken down to sub


Is it possible - whether in the Alerts/notifications or with a formula, to create an escalation based on inactivity of entries.



Operators enter the date when equipment is cleaned. this is required weekly. If 2 weeks are missed for entries (14 days), then I want a notification sent via


Hi everyone,


We're putting together a stock sheet and we want to create notifications so that when a figure in a cell drops below a certain amount an email is automatically sent to the relevant people so they know to re-order.


Can anyone help please?