We have lots of alerts/actions/notification rules setup across lots of sheets.  When I delete a user due to employee termination, then I get this message:

"Invalid recipients in Alerts and Actions rule"

I don't want to have to dig through dozens of sheets to remove the people, how can I do this on a


I would like the ability to send an automated email to a sheet assignee at a certain time with attachments linked on that line in the smartsheet.  preferrably I would like to be able to create a user group instead of a single assignee so that the email can be sent to multiple people but at this time


I'm wondering if anyone has used Smartsheet to set up a Document Control process, and if you have any suggestions to how I might get started with that.  I would like to have a form log that generates sequential form numbers as well as a way to keep completed forms with a single access point.


We have just onboarded a customer that we want to track their IT service tickets using Smartsheet. There are two key Service Level Agreements that we need to managed to. The customer would like automated alerts generated at 4 and 8 hours. Is there a way to set up alerts based on hours vs. days?


Is there a way to send a repeat approval request if the initial request goes unanswered?  Kind of like a, "while 'Jane Q. Ceo's' approval status is 'Submitted' send an update request once a day."

Then, of course, once it changes to approved or declined, the notifications stop.

It seems like all of