I am working to create an automation off of the date modified field. This is to alert users if they have not updated a row in more than 4 days. Since the date modified field is not recognized as a date field I created a copy of the column using the basic formula: 

=[Last Modfied]1

My results


Hi There

It’s several days the I’m trying to create an automatic workflow without success.


Flow explanation:

I want smart sheet will sent an daily request to person (wrote in contact List…) to fill specifics cells in case it’s Blank.


It’s look very simple but unfortunately it doesn’t work for


Hi, Community! I am wondering if anyone else is using SmartSheet for an institutional planning calendar. I chose a template of project with gantt. Most of the tasks on the calendar, however, are annual, bi-annual, semi-annual, etc. I am trying to figure out the best way to handle that. Would I only