I am trying to create a counter that counts the number of days in work of a task, the counter only counts the days in work when the Scrum state of the task changes to sprint . I want the counter to stop counting when the state changes to done and lock that number of days in work (days in work from



I have a series of standard processes that have the same dependency and predecessor data each time. 

I have the primary column  as a job number, and then a second column with a drop down list of all the standard processes (I.e. assembly, pre-assembly etc.).

If pre-assembly is selected, for



I am handling a number of projects and making Gantt charts to track their progress.

The data for these charts are stored in MS Excel sheets on my local drive. It becomes cumbersome to manually import the dates and numbers to update the Gantt chart. I want to know, if there is way I can