I would like to capture and freeze the date a drop-down column gets changed to "Picked Up by Customer".  I tried modified date but that field gets changed too often to accurately reflect the state.  Essentially, I want to know how many widgets were issued by date they were issued without


I have 140 or so projects I manage reporting on and was excited to see that we could now do multiple contacts in our Assigned To column. However, when adding new projects with this feature enabled I noticed that Reports count those columns as different than other Assigned To columns without this


I've been trying to update a dashboard to include the new Web Content widget since I find managing some data and charts in Google Sheets far easier than in Smartsheet especially when collaborating on the data / file.

I've followed along with the instructions for the Google chart I've created.



On Smartsheet the report returns all rows. When I export to excel it returns all rows. When I run the connector in Excel, it excludes some rows.

It appears that the rows being excluded have a Text/Number value in column X i.e. D21, whereas the ones being returned just contain a number in column


I'm trying to build a metrics table that can be used to generate a graph on a dashboard.

I am a consultant and would like to track client hours from a master sheet that logs all clients, dates of services, and total hours.

Let's say I wanted to track the hours of utilization from a particular client