In Sheet One, there are 25 products assigned to 4 Product Types. Each Product has an expected delivery and an actual delivery date.

In Sheet Two, we want to add the dates associated with the percentage complete.

The existing formulas provide the percentages and totals but how can I add the dates for


We are creating a new Smartsheet to track deliverables. We have asked competing vendors to add delivery details within a ‘Smartsheet Form’ to auto-populate the sheet. Orders contain 1 to 100 shipments. Our Order Number is the same for all shipments. Ideally the vendor would like to enter the Order


I'm very new to Smartsheet and hoping someone can help me. I have created a checklist, with different categories divided up by parent rows, and the tasks listed as children under the categories. I have a checkbox column and each task (in the children rows) has a checkbox. I have figured out how to




I like how the feature to export an individual sheet to a pdf view gantt chart view.


However, if you try to export several sheets from one folder, the gantt charts will not show.   I would like the ability to export all sheets into one document that will display gantt information.


I'm trying to automatically apply a formula to an entire column that concatenates info from cells in a given row into a document name, once data is entered into those cells. The only way I've been able to accomplish this so far is to just copy/ paste or drag the formula as data is entered in a new