My team and I are new to Smartsheet, and after 2 days of using the software, have already found a couple of major road blocks that will likely keep us from using Smartsheet. 

The biggest is the inability to create a drop down list that uses data validation to pull a list of options from another


Hello, I have a support request on drag and drop dependencies.

  1. SMARTSHEET changes the date, if I drag the predecessor bar to the successor bar
  2. SMARTSHHET looses connection of dependencies if I move a connected bar left or right

This "simple" described problems can be fixed manually by myself but


Is there a way to auto group cells that are the same, and add a count of them next to the parent cell? For example, I have a sheet that looks like the first screenshot (ex1), it's a list of SKUs within a program and a project. I want to group all SKUs within the same program/project and count the




We have a sheet where we keep track of current statuses of our clients and this act as a mini project management tool for our clients. 


Each client is in a row and the stages are indented underneath. We would like to create an alert to notify specific persons everytime a new client is added,



I am using curl with REST to access Smartshets in my C# running on WIN CE. My application is supposed to dump some data on smartsheet periodically.

Before I write to a sheet, I would like to know the total row count in the sheet so that I don't exceed 5000 rows per sheet.

I am looking for an API


Hi there,

I'm currently operating on an Enterprise level version of Smartsheet and experiencing an error with my dashboard. Does anyone have experience embedding a Tableau Public link directly into a dashboard via widget? I see that this is an option and have tried both the link & embed codes, which