I am looking to create a formula in a column that automatically calculates the date of 12 weeks from the date of deposit column. Can someone please help with the formula? I keep getting errors. Specifically I would like the "estimated completion date" column to be the "date of deposit" column


I love using the @email-address to send notifications to my team - thanks for adding this feature.

We have a large organization and I find that when I begin to type someone's email, Smartsheet presents a huge list of potential emails and it is challenging to find the right one since I do not have



Is there any way to extract the Cell history to calculate formulas.

What I am trying to do is create metrics off the dates in the cell history. I.E. if a Dropdown list column starts on July 1 with Value 1 and changes to Value 2 on December 10th then Value 3 on December 21st. I want to measure


Hi all, 

I'm fairly new to smartsheet (with no Excel experience either). Here's my situation. 

I'm tracking POs-- first, you enter in a PO amount, and in subsequent columns what you invoice per-month. There's a final "Totals" column that sums up your monthly invoices. 

Currently, I have a hidden


I have an uber parent row that is the mother of a group of related tests for software QA. In addition, some of the children of that mother have their own children.

I would like any parent row to turn red if any of its children fail a test, as noted by a "Fail" checkbox column, and bonus points for


I am in need for the status colum 1 (red, yellow, green) to automatically change when column 2 (date) is passed column 3 (date). Can this be done with a formula? 

I can do "=IF([Approved Required Delivered Date]1 < [Adjusted Delivery Date]1, "Red")", however, I am sure on how to add the other two


I commonly have task lists that are nested to an arbitrary number of levels. In card view, you can filter tasks to level 1, level 2, etc. This isn't very useful to me. I think it would be far more useful to have a filter "include summary tasks (or not)". Since my actual tasks are always on leaf