I think it's best explained with an example... We have 5 checkboxes that we will just call 1 through 5 for simplicity. User 1 selects 1, 3 and 5. User 2 selects 4. User 3 selects 1 and 2.


The sheet layout (column headers in bold):

User       1            2          3          4          5


As the Smartsheet Admin, I create most of the Sheets, Reports, and Dashboards for the Executive team.  When we transfer ownership of all Sheets, Reports, and Dashboards to the Executives, their Dashboard Chart Widgets all state "Source Missing".

Smartsheet's Help Desk provided this response:  "...


Hi everyone. Absolute beginner here. I'm tasked to make a few dashboards for other internal company teams on project progress, etc. We want to track how often people visit each dashboard and thought it might be useful to include that as a counter widget on the dashboards.

Mockup example below.


Interested to hear if anyone has setup a process in Smartsheet to track document review and approval. SOWs and Cost sheets need to be reviewed and approved by multiple people prior to being reviewed by the customer. I'd like to embed this process into an existing customer tracking smartsheet if I