We would like to use one sheet/workspace. This sheet with be used by different collaborators with different permissions:

1. On Site;

2. Engineering;

3. Project Management.

I would like to make one column with the above mentioned. When i add a task to (for example) onsite. I only want them to


Hello all,

As other have posted in different forums it would be great to be able to create a Workspace within a Workspace or a Workspace in a folder in order to be able to organize a lot of projects better. 

What I am thinking about doing now is creating a Workspace for each of the Regions in which


I'm the account admin for my company.  A user was terminated with no notice in November of 2015.  I removed her account a few weeks after that.  She had shared some sheets with me for technical assistance and I kept them around for at least 90 days.  Sometime fairly recently (can't remember exactly,