Hi, I hope someone can help me with this.

What I'm trying to do is find a way to automatically share some information from a sheet into another. For instance, I want to have a sheet with all the relevant information for the company's projects, including financial information. Then have another sheet




I have read the forms with the “VLOOKUP” and “LOOKUP” functions.  I am new to smart sheet, but not to excel formulas. 

I have an associate inspecting carts for wear and tear items, this is working well with check boxes and the photo attachment is awesome to have.

Next step is the associate


Is there any update on when this feature will be implemented? I cannot believe it is still not possible to assign a task to multiple resources. 

We are going to need to move to another site soon if this issue is not resolved. It seems crazy that after 12 years, this essential feature still does not


I currently have an issue where I would like to share capabilities for certain folders to some and it doesn't seem like it has the capability to do that.

Currently, I can share the overall workspace with everyone or certain sheets/reports/dashboards within the folders, but it is not easy to get a

Kruse Ludington


A workspace was shared with me, and I was made an editor who can share.

For a specific SmartSheet in a subfolder underneath that workspace - how do I request to the owner that I want to be an admin of that SmartSheet in order to set up conditional formatting, send automatic alerts, etc.? I do not


I understand there is an IOS app but it does not come close to the computer browser based environment, it doesn't perform as well, doesn't have matching capability, heck even the user interface is different. I  do not care for the app  but I love Smartsheet in a computer browser. 

I am baffled as to