I have been attempting set up a relational database for multiple client use.  This database should track records (rows including child rows) as it progresses through different phases.  Projects may stop periodically and should be searchable and may be re-started later.  I have tried using 3 column


The new dashboard feature for Smartsheet says we can embed power BI reports by publishing to web, but doing that in Power BI makes your report public to everyone. How can I embed while still mainting privacy as these reports have company information?

There is a Power BI option that allows you to



I am looking to give a specific user access to editing a locked column. 

The background: 

We have a list of projects that are NOT to be started until our finance director approves said project. As the project manger, I am owner of these sheets. To prevent other users from approving projects of their


Is it possible to turn the auto-save function on the Smartsheet Android app 'off'? When our guys use the app on their tablets when they have a weak connection, after each cell there is a long wait untill it has saved. is it possible to turn this off, and maybe just save it when required, or when you


I'm automating the update request and reminder stages to update my activities. The worksheet is not shared, but I've enabled the alert permissions for the least restrictive.

The actions and alerts indicator column appears in the reminder symbol and is in pending status, but is not sending email to


Estou automatizando as etapas de solicitação e lembrete de atualização para atualizar minhas atividades. A planilha não está compartilhada, mas habilitei as permissões de alerta para as menos restritivas.

A coluna do indicador de ações e alertas aparece no símbolo do lembrete e está em status