We share our sheets with outside company people to collaborate. If this company person leaves the company, will they still be able to login to Smartsheet and access our sheets?

The sharing is done by sheets and User is Not added in User Management. 

Please clarify! 



Good day, 

Right now, we have several events happening in different cities on different days. For each event, we have a separate smart sheet, with individual planning tasks. but we want to have a combined calendar with just the dates of the actual event. I thought that I could do this by linking to



I created a draft version of a workspace, now I need to transfer it to a licensed user and I get:

"You have exceeded the maximum number of emails that your account can send"

How can I get this fixed????





We are using SmartSheet to store multiple sheets that should be created by one person.  This person will share one or more sheets in each of multiple workspaces.

I am writing an application (in C#, hosted on AWS Lambda) that must access each Workspace, and Sheet, and read each Sheet.  I am using



An invitation to view link that was sent to one of our users prompts a password creation screen in Smartsheet when clicked, even though they already have a Smartsheet account and a few shared reports. (Page reads "Let's get started - Set up your password". See attached) Subsequent attempts to


I provision all projects for our PMO and each project is housed in a Workspace to control access, so, I am the 'owner' for each project in our organization...

This setup worked for a time, but now that we're scaling up, I'm receiving access requests for projects almost hourly. Unfortunately, the way


I am wanting to create a workflow that will send a notification to a contact listed in a row without allowing access to the sheet itself.  Specifically, when I receive a notice to vacate from a resident in one of our apartment buildings, I would like to send them an acknowledgement that it was