My colleagues and I have a large database containing information regarding suppliers. I need to share the information that is relevant to each supplier, with that supplier. I can obviously run a report to pull the data out based on 'Supplier' column in our sheet, as there are a large number


I want to resolve two issues; prevent people from exacerbating the existing issue and rectifying the legacy DQ issue

1) How do i prevent users assigning tasks to people who are not registered in Smartsheet? Is there a way of forcing them to select from the drop down list?

2) Whats the best way to


I would like to have the RYG balls automatically adjust based on another status column. For instance, if my outside sales people set the status of a row from bidding to the following:

Status "Lost" = RED

Status "Postponed" or "Unknown" = YELLOW

Status "Won" or "Obtained" or "Negotiating" = GREEN