I think I've found a bug: Automatic forms generated from reports in the browser (right click in the line mover on far left > edit) display all main sheet fields on it. It doesn’t matter what columns I have chosen to display in the report creator, but in the smartsheet android app the automatic


I have salesman that use pdf fillable forms for company use. I created a sheet that has all the forms in it as attachments. When using the desktop version they click on the attachment and it brings up the file and they file in the information and can print it. They are unable to do this in there

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I would like for this form to go completely blank on ALL cell-rows before the update request gets sent to the collaborators (not licensed users) every week. I already have the update request set to send every Friday at 9AM to request the form to be filled by the list of collaborators. I just



i was looking to create a new project using smartsheet to receive alerts from specific email addresses and to log the activities into smartsheet, those notifications will be received by specific users (their email addresses).

how i can start implementing that and is it doable or not?


We are using our sheets for sidewalk repairs. An inspector in the field will open the form in the field, on his phone, fill out the basic information (type of work, address). The sheet will auto-populate the date, but I also want it to auto-populate the location. I was thinking if he were to take a