I know I'm getting old, but at this rate I'll never see the end of this project! :)

Pay close attention to the duration column here. These numbers don't add up!

Also, I've already submitted a help ticket. I'll post back here with the response.

Thus far, this is the only row I see like this. For what


Has anyone used pen/notepad based devices for making entries into smartsheet?

We work in site construction and maintenance projects and it would be great for supervisors to walk around, enter actions into a tasks list, or responses to a checklist in the same way they do with a paper pad and pen now.


We have launched our Smartsheets system after months of designing and testing. We have been using iPads with the Smartsheet app during the entire process to do simple field updates. Now, the day that we launched, everyone is suddenly view only when using the Smartsheet app on the iPad, but when we


Is it possible to turn the auto-save function on the Smartsheet Android app 'off'? When our guys use the app on their tablets when they have a weak connection, after each cell there is a long wait untill it has saved. is it possible to turn this off, and maybe just save it when required, or when you



Is it possible to resize photos during upload? Nowadays smartphones has larger picture's mpx which means that file weighs more and more, which is reflected in uploading time.

I have a sheet where users has to audit some areas on daily basis and take pictures of all nonconformities. Lowest pic


I am new to the forum, so if I am not searching correct terms please let me know.  And if there is already a thread on this directing me to it would be very helpful.

I was wondering if there is any way that I can actually update a schedule (finish dates), on a mobile device while I am walking a