Hi everyone!

We currently use Salesforce, Quip & Smartsheet however, we have not yet added the integration to sync them. Can anyone tell me what the huge advantage is to justify the price of the integration? The video links are a bit vague & I need to provide a few good reasons, other than an auto




I'm working on a Sheet to help with our Kanban System.

As an employee takes a part from the Kanban Bin, we would them like to scan a QR code of the part taken via a form and the barcode reader on his smart phone, we have set up a test sheet using a lookup table of all parts (on a separate


Hi all,

I have a little issue with web form setup. How can I switch off checkbox >Send me a copy of my responses<. I don't see it in a web form on my pc, but it's still there when I open form in my mobile device. I don't need it, so how can I switch it