How in the world is there still not a way to assign multiple team members to a single task? 


This is such an essential feature to my company (and I would imagine many others), that not having it available basically makes Smartsheets useless for us. It certainly makes the resource allocation tool


Hi, I have recently recieved a licenced user with my company mail account and I would like to transfer all the work I made with the trial version user (which is related with another mail account) to this new one which is the official. 

Is there a way to do this directly and not creating and sharing


Hi guys.

I use SmartSheet to track clients, jobs and opportunities. I have a sheet for each.

For the most part, it works well. But the one area it's letting me down is linking relevant records.

I'd like to be able to go to the client card and see all their jobs and opportunities. And I'd like to be


I would like the ability to send an automated email to a sheet assignee at a certain time with attachments linked on that line in the smartsheet.  preferrably I would like to be able to create a user group instead of a single assignee so that the email can be sent to multiple people but at this time


Hello there everyone interested!

We're looking to share sheets to various departments here however we don't want all cells to be able to be filled in (or changed) by all users.

Is there a way that we can restrict editable fields to certain user accounts so user A can only edit columns 1-3 and user B


I use up to 5 sheets at any one time, each containing information relating to different customers.  I frequently need to filter information on any particular sub-client via a text/number column.  The default ‘Create New Filter’ uses  “contains” for me to enter a unique name of the sub-client, and