I have created a form to capture some series of data. One of the fields on the form is for the user that is completing the form to key in their email address.  I would like to create workflow automation when a certain trigger has taken place (example a checkbox checked) for the alert to be triggered


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Been trying to look for my solution here, but i can't seem to find it. Hopefully someone can help me.

I have a supplier approval database with supplier info, several checkboxes for required docs, etc.

Also have an approval column, and then an approval reference column.

What i intend to do


I have 16 grids that all use a Contact List with 23 of the same client contacts.  (1) its a HUGE waste of time to have to populate 23 contacts into a list 16 times and (2) every time a new person joins or leaves the team, I have to go into each of the 16 grids and make the same change.  Is there a


I used the following Match/Index formula to populate the "Assigned To" column of my sheet based on the "Role" column. I have a look up table at the top of my sheet. 

=IFERROR(INDEX([Assigned To]$6:[Assigned To]$20, MATCH([email protected], Role$6:Role$20, 0)), "Needs Role")

There are many tasks on my sheet


Hi all,

Although I found a thread from 2015 which partly answered my question, I would like to put the it again for updated context and clarity.

I have many users in my smartsheet profile and use the contact column type in most of my sheets.

I do a lot of list exporting and often need to provide