The Smartsheet Product team is setting up interviews with customers who would like to assign tasks to multiple people in Smartsheet. Your input will help to shape the future of the product.

Please sign up here if you would be interested to participate in these interviews. We look forward to hearing


We're a property management company with a construction arm. Our construction is basic and requires us simply to track

Owner/Address/Date of approval/Job number (which we create)/Contractor's Bid/Change orders/Payments to Contractor/Balance to contractor/Our Bid/Change Orders/Payments to us/Balance


I'm using the ticket template and want to use the update request feature. Currently it seems like the only way to do an update request is to assign it to a specific user, which doesn't make sense if you have an entire department working on tickets at different times of day. 

How do you request an


I want to get this template to smartsheet for the community. Its for a family event with multiple data such as room availability, price, tax deduction, package and room assignment with form. Don't know how to donate this, but I would love to as its great for family get togethers.

Won't do another


I'm using a web form to collect vacation request, etc. and added a System-generated column to automatically add the Created by. The form is only available to registered Smartsheet users.

Now I want to see these absences in the Resource View and to do so I need an Assigned to column. Is it possible