Hi all,

Although I found a thread from 2015 which partly answered my question, I would like to put the it again for updated context and clarity.

I have many users in my smartsheet profile and use the contact column type in most of my sheets.

I do a lot of list exporting and often need to provide


I usually set allocations rates as average during term.

But,When the task is long term, it is  different allocations rate at each point in a same task.

And if I set allocations rate to another task at low loard point,Smartsheet alert the over resource by caliculating rates. 

(Because of the



I am new to Smartsheet, and hence am unable to perform the subject activity in it. 

I have a set of 25 tasks called "Proofreading Tasks". And I have around 15 people in a team which is called "Team - Proofreaders" . This team is supposed to perform these -- and only these -- tasks. 

Now how do I