I am new to Smartsheet and I am trying to create a view for my team where I can see all of the tasks, across multiple sheets (projects), that individual team members are assigned.  In other words I want a view where I can see all assigned tasks, with task names, who the tasks are assigned to,


Hi there:)

I have a sheet used as a "Maintenance Request" sheet. It is populated by a form. Each person submitting a request provides their name/email into the "Submitted By" column. This allows them to receive an alert once the job is complete.

I have frustration coming from the maint dept. when



I'm really enjoying Smartsheet and glad we decided to go down the path of subscribing. 

While I was getting certified I found so many neat features and my mind just filled with all the things I could probably use various aspects of Smartsheet to accomplish.

I ran into a limitation in my own


Good afternoon

I am creating a bid invitation sheet and need to list GC bidders per each job (row).

  1. How do I create an autofill for these cells based on a directory I have created?
  2. and once the GC is selected in this cell how do I autofill the column next to it with one of their many estimators at


I am working on producing a report which pulls from a Task sheet (database) based on certain specific tasks and specific statuses.  Each task has an "Assigned to" cell which contains a restricted list of contacts (our employees).  

I have been asked to sort the resulting report by the "Assigned to"