Hi folks, 

This article about a SmartSheet competitor, Airtable, has been making the rounds in my little universe of technology products researchers. https://medium.com/@WeWorkUX/the-atomic-unit-of-research-insight-17d619…

As user researchers, our job is to understand users of our products - their


We are only 6 months into our Smartsheet journey and thus often tinkering and creating new reports, it would be really handy to have a ruler at the top in order to align fields/columns in reports. I have marked where a ruler could sit with highlighter yellow below. Does anyone else recognise the



I am trying to find a way to determine resource allocation in project plans so that they more accurately reflect the availability of my team in the resource view.

We have individual project plans for each project, which all feed into the main status sheet. Each project plan is broken down


I have three main columns: Planned Start Date, Planned End Date, and Date Completed

I am utilizing the formula below to determine which tasks are done and late in the status column. I would also like the status cell to be empty if the date completed cell is empty. How can I do that? For some reason


Hi Smartsheet Community,

We're thinking of some use cases for helping Smartsheet users utilize Salesforce ServiceCloud data more effectively and efficiently.  

Any Salesforce ServiceCloud users out there who would be willing to chat with us and give us feedback on our use cases? Even if you don't


Hi there - We are struggling with some inadequacies with our internal requirements management system and are looking for a workaround or way to leverage Smartsheet for this purpose.  Main goals being requirement traceability and bulk uploads.  Has anyone leveraged Smartsheet for requirement



Hi Smartsheet Community

I checked a couple of posts but couldn't really find an answer, here we go: Sights are technically always showing real-time status.

As I need to submit monthly updates to our leadership team and we want to track status trends, is there a way to re-visualize a past view of a