Hi all,

I could not find any thread with this specific problem, pardon me if there is one....

I created a new Workspace, and within that workspace i also created a single spreadsheet.

So i start writting content on that spreadsheet, then click the small "floppy" on the top left, close the page and


Is there a solution that can be shared to assist me in sharing progress at intervals?

For examples, I have a dashboard that lists the projects and the % completion, at any given time. 

I would like to have that dashboard, show (let's say) % complete on 12/31/18 then % complete on 1/31 etc. 

There is


Hi all,

I have a sheet that is a "database" of about 400 records.  I want other users to be able to input one column of that sheet (Media Company Dropdown) in a form or other sheet and for the next seven columns to autopopulate.  Is this possible?  Would VLOOKUP be a solution?

I've read a few forum


I am in the Medical Device industry. I am looking for some bench marking information around what  a well rounded CAPA system Metric should look like. 


For example: What is the typical percentage of CAPA types in your CAPA System. For example: Random numbers here:

78% Corrective

14% Preventive



I am trying to develop a dashboard generator so that I don't have to recreate every report I use in our dashboards each time we have a new project.  I would like to be able to select the project number in one location and have all the reports reference that project number to pull data from their


Hi Everyone!

I would like to know if you are able to use date columns when automating a progress bar.  Basically dates are entered as product moves to a new stage in the process. As the dates fill in, the progress bar fills as well. I've used nested IF formulas for automating a progress bar but, for


Building a kanban board with typical IT cycle states: Ready, Dev, Test, Deploy, Done.  I'd like to track cycle times and throughput.  I've created (locked) columns to capture a status change for each of the cycle states; e.g. Dev Start and formula "=IF(Status@row = "Dev", TODAY())". That works to