Is it possible to save an image in a template. I have tried but they disappear. I have all options ticked.

I understand that I can attach them but visually it would be better for a small image to be shown against the item name.

Would this be something that could be done in the future to save having


I'm wondering if anyone has used Smartsheet to set up a Document Control process, and if you have any suggestions to how I might get started with that.  I would like to have a form log that generates sequential form numbers as well as a way to keep completed forms with a single access point.


I understand there is no way to link directly to a file from dashboard unless it is in a cloud-based storage program. Has anyone found a workaround? We don't use this kind of storage and I want to be able to link directly to files. 

Saving as images wont work either, as we have 10+ files to link to,