Am I being dense? I can see ways to automate a reminder based on conditions, but in a sheet with multiple submissions from one person, if I want to remind them ONLY if I haven’t received a recent update, I can’t say “don’t send if.” ?

I can send a request for update based on “if not in the past” but


I'm trying to come up with the formula to dropdown only certain countries if chose certain region.

I have two dropdown columns Region and Country

If chose Region EMEA, country dropdown list will show DE, DK, NO

If chose Region APAC, country dropdown list will show JP, SG, IN

If chose Region AMER,


Hello smartsheet community, 

Initially I was tracking completed tasks with a "Done" column which would automatically format the row. After needing to add more options like "Cancelled", "In Progress" etc. I opted to create separate column which contains those options.

After clearing all of the "Done"


My peers setup my profile when I joined Serta Simmons Beddings to get email notification of requests made to add new supplier to Streamline.  I am still not receiving the notifications, although my peers are.  My profile matches theirs apparently.  No one internally can help me resolve.  Does anyone


I've read through all the replies on this but have not found the resolution yet

I want to display RYG balls in a new column i created that corresponds to the project Status and Finish Date.  The new column Properties is RYG Balls

The formula works, but only shows as text

Formula i created:


I am creating a Status field using IF function.  I'm trying to look at a check-box field and return  "status" (ex. "Tooling Complete") if the box is checked.  I've tried IF(NOT(ISBLANK(... but a check-box formatted field seems to register as not-blank whether it is checked or unchecked.




My apologies if this has already been covered, but I didn't see anything specific to this subject when searching.

I have a Excel sheet that has 45,000 + rows. The data in the rows are filled by 2 columns - United States Zip Code's and city's linked to those zip codes. This Excel sheet is used as a