Hello SmartSheet community, perhaps someone can give me ideas on how best to set up the following:

I have 30 customers and 30 different reps (one for each customer) who need to provide a status on that customer on a regular basis, at least once every two weeks.

The requirements:

  1. Use a simple form to


I have a problem. When Smartsheet sends the form on request to an area.

I need to know if after receiving a project from a form, to be able to assign a resource and the date of assignment I can only do it from an update? or there are other ways of being able to assign people and date of assignment,


Hi there,

Checking to see if this is a feature before I submit a Product Enhancement Request. When our users get an @ mention in a comment or manipulate certain columns via reports Smartsheet kicks off some automated e-mails based on the users preferences. In those e-mails are links to the sheet


One of our main uses of Smartsheet is entering, tracking and reporting client expenses. We use a form to enter the expense(s) and attach receipts. It works well and much better than our previous system

However, I am hoping for some help on a recurring expense.

We have a recurring fee for a client