Been using SS since 2016 and have never had a delay send or non-received notifications. My entire company today is not receiving the regular email notices.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue today (or if in past, how was it resolved)?

Note: I have contacted our Account Rep and ensured that the




I have read the forms with the “VLOOKUP” and “LOOKUP” functions.  I am new to smart sheet, but not to excel formulas. 

I have an associate inspecting carts for wear and tear items, this is working well with check boxes and the photo attachment is awesome to have.

Next step is the associate


Hello I am trying to solve an issue with a system I have set up for Automated Alerts & Actions. See screenshots below. As you can see by screenshot 3, I have created a trigger column based on date surpassed; once that date is surpassed the cell will change from N to Y. The idea ultimately is when it