Hi everyone, could I please ask for a sense check here?  I have set up this Workflow.  There are several different people in the 'Assigned To' column, and when any of their dates change, I would like Charlotte (their manager) to receive one single email to alert her to that.

It's very possible that


Hi everyone!

Im having issues with a status column. My goal is to update the status if a job has hit 10 days or more and has not been approved yet. I was going to trigger it by using the (system column) "Last Modified" 

Here's the problem: If someone only "views" the sheet & doesn't make any




I have been asked to create a roster that covers customer support across different time zones and shows who is available (human resources),  who is on leave, time, names of the support person and who is on call.

Also, includes our contractual obligations with customers in an easy display



I'm trying to set up a workflow which sends notifications only to a contact in a cell which is part of a contact column. 

Although permissions are set to "Unrestricted" the workflow isn't working!

A test environment with my name in the contact cell isn't working too.

Any idea what to check or