We send samples to our (potential) customers and we want to send a brief update form to the contact in the email to understand the success of the sample. 

We want this form to be sent once and 2 weeks after the date shipped.

I tried investigating notification but I can't limit the notice to send


Hi there, 

I would like to send a notification with an attachment based of a status change. The notification works, but doesn't include the attachment. I have seen on the community that this is not possible in SS - is this still true?

If so, do you know of any good apps/software to automate that


We use Smartsheet for forecasting budgets per team. Each team has its own sheet with each line item that rolls up to sheets, reports, and a dashboard (with graphs and metrics).  The columns represent both forecast and actual money spent per month (two separate columns per month).  When a product




I am looking to build a workflow for a review process in Smartsheets. There are multiple stages to this review process.  For example, the item is submitted for  Group A  review. It must be approved by Group in order to be Submitted to Group B. What would be the best and most user friendly