Hey guys,

I have read several posts with several workarounds for calculating a value between a Start Time and an End Time where the input and result need to be in HH:MM. I have an idea and a beginning:

1. I created two System Columns. [Start Time] as 'Created (Date)' and [End Time] as 'Modified


I am trying to write an IF statements that allows me to set either an up, sideways or down arrow based on the the difference between two dates. I have found many example and have tried to reverse engineer them however I am not having any luck

Basically if the two date fields when subtracted = a


Good morning, I am using Smartsheet to track swim time which has a format of minutes:seconds:fractionalseconds (i.e. 5:00.50).  I would like to see if anyone has a solution for a couple of issues I am seeing:

1. I would like to use the MIN function to look across multiple cells (swim meets) and pull


In Sheet 1, a user enters a course code (e.g., BUS 123) in one column. Smartsheet searches for that code in Sheet 2, finds the corresponding program leader's name and e-mail address, then puts them in two cells in Sheet 1.

Now Sheet 1 shows the course code in Column 2, the program leader's name is