Hi all,


I am having trouble putting together a formula and I am hoping someone here can guide me in the right direction.


We have a sheet that we enter payments we receive from our customers. That sheet has the customer name, check date, deposit date and amount etc.


I am looking to create a


I am trying to use the contains formula within a SUMIF (see below).  This does not seem to work and I can not figure out why.  It seems as though all the examples that are provided, CONTAIN is only used within IF formulas.  Is this the case?


My formula:

=SUMIFS({Employee Tasks Range 1}, {Employee



Is there any way to extract the Cell history to calculate formulas.

What I am trying to do is create metrics off the dates in the cell history. I.E. if a Dropdown list column starts on July 1 with Value 1 and changes to Value 2 on December 10th then Value 3 on December 21st. I want to measure


Good Day All:

I am trying to add to my formula so that if the Due Date (Actual) is Blank/Empty, the RYG is Blank/Empty. My existing formula:

=IF([Due Date (Actual)]3 > [Due Date (Planned)]3, "Red", IF([Due Date (Actual)]3 < [Due Date (Planned)]3, "Green", IF([Due Date (Actual)]3 = [Due Date