I have a simple math equation in one of my cells, and in place of one of the numbers I would like to reference a count of cells with dates in them in a certain column.

My equation is: =100 - (((60 / 477) * 100))  (this returns a number in a percentage format) and I would like to replace the number


Hi everyone, 

I am back again  :(.  I am trying to figure out how to write a formula that will SUMIF column "Status" is "Active", column "Current Phase" is "Discovery", and column "Discovery Total Time" is populated with a number.  The last column will change as the phases are completed.  I have


I have a project where Activity A is anticipated to run for a month.  And Activity B starts around the same time, maybe a little later (start date is independent of A).. however  B can NOT be closed out until A is complete.. AND B has a hard stop due date.  how do I set THAT one up?  cuz I don't