I have a sheet that houses all projects within one department.  Many of the projects have child rows that I don't want to include in my count formula.  I have a Hierarchy column that reflects "0" in the parent rows - those are the only rows I want to count if the date of completion is in the current


I need to be able to return the most recent value for the Created Date column and the corresponding Discussed column text.

Currently, I am using an IF, COUNT, MAX, CHILDREN formula that I found on the community to return a MAX date within a grouping of rows but I can't figure out how to also return


Hi there!

I have a column set up to indicate Task Progress (can choose from dropdown: Not Yet Started, In Progress, Nearing Completion, etc.) but also would like it to automatically mark "Complete" if another column (checkbox formatting) has a marked checkbox. 

The issue I'm having is that the


Hi All 

I know how to lock a row when a certain condition (or a set thereof) is met. But is there a way that when a row gets auto-locked, all its child-rows also get locked automatically?

In other words, some kind of inheritance mechanism. 

Thanks in advance!