I know Smartsheet is "working" on time stamps, but I need a little help. I am trying to calculate 2 different time scenarios. First is from the time a work order is opened to the time its is dispatched. Second is the time from the open date to completed date.

You will see on my sheet, the "open


I have an uber parent row that is the mother of a group of related tests for software QA. In addition, some of the children of that mother have their own children.

I would like any parent row to turn red if any of its children fail a test, as noted by a "Fail" checkbox column, and bonus points for


I am looking for a Parent / Child formula to capture a status change (R / Y / G). The Parent status will change based on the Child status Change.

For example:

If I change the status of "Software" to Red (R) in the child row, it should change the Parent status to Red.

The parent row captures any