I am new to all this so please go easy on me all :-)

Our client is a Director that manages two major programs. Within those programs there are several projects that she needs help managing. Each project is assigned to a particular team member. 

I need advice on the best way to track these projects.



I am hoping someone has an idea for a solution to my problem. I have an inventory that keeps track of giveaways. I created a second sheet with a form to fill out how many of each giveaway I pack for each event. I count the giveaways that come back after the event, and I need a way for this


Is there any update on when this feature will be implemented? I cannot believe it is still not possible to assign a task to multiple resources. 

We are going to need to move to another site soon if this issue is not resolved. It seems crazy that after 12 years, this essential feature still does not