Referring to Row 6

I have a Status column and that can be Open or Closed.  It depends on the condition of the Progress column which can be selected from the following dropdown menu.  The first 4 conditions mean the Action Item is “Open”.  The last condition means the Action Item is “Closed”.


Card view is excellent, so good, was about to run my whole company of it!, however I have hit a snag –


In card view you can view level one and its subtasks – good, however I now cannot see the subtask of a subtask, you cannot even see if there is another level below.


Ok so you go to view all


I have a need where I need 3 different Smartsheet form fields to be concatenated into a single JIRA field.

For example I would want these 4 from My Smartsheet fields:

  1. Description of Request
  2. Expected results
  3. Why is this info needed
  4. What resources have you utilized

To all be entered into the


I'm very new to Smartsheet and hoping someone can help me. I have created a checklist, with different categories divided up by parent rows, and the tasks listed as children under the categories. I have a checkbox column and each task (in the children rows) has a checkbox. I have figured out how to



I am trying to come up with a solution for my smartsheet involving 4 columns (4th being the result column). I wanted to return the value from the 1st column whenever 2nd and 3rd column are blank, if not return the value from either 2nd or 3rd column.

These columns contains dates by the way.


With the recent (Sept 19, 2019) update, non-licensed users no longer have the ability to update their Report Builder within SmartSheet.  This poses a significant problem for my company, as we have multiple licensed users and ~100 (non-licensed) individuals who execute the tasks assigned. 

Am I


I have salesman that use pdf fillable forms for company use. I created a sheet that has all the forms in it as attachments. When using the desktop version they click on the attachment and it brings up the file and they file in the information and can print it. They are unable to do this in there