Hi there,

We have just started using a simple workflow to approve capital investment projects in the business. The workflow submits each project justification through a hierarchy of approvers, dependant on the value of the project. The workflow has minimum of 7 approvers in the process for a given


We are trying to create a formula on the Schedule field that will change color to Red, Green or Yellow based on Multiple day and Status selection. 

For example:

If Status is In Progress and End Date is > Today and R - Date is Empty then is Green.

IF Status is In Progress and End Date is < Today and


I saw a post in the community at https://community.smartsheet.com/discussion/auto-refreshing-sheetsgrids which had a similar question. But no answer was provided and the last update (from another member) was in Dec. 2018. Again, no response or answer was provided.

I have a sheet, with formulas, to


I've attempted multiple times to create a function that result in Blue, Yellow, Green, Red health and it has been unsuccessful. 

Here are the results that I am aiming at: 

On Track > "Complete" "In Progress" = Green

Ahead > "Complete" = Green

Ahead > "In Progress" = Blue

At Risk > "Not Started" "In