Someone who I made admin of a sheet I created was able take ownership of this sheet without me accepting the request. This has happened before without even a request submitted to take ownership and I don’t understand how is this possible, did anybody experience this as well? The same admin was able


I have created a smartsheet that contains a form for my team to fill out. Once this form is filled out I would like that data to go to the main sheet that is viewable by my team and then populate another sheet that is viewable to the managers only. Is there a way to have that data when added to


Hi everyone,

I need some help with a formula that just doesn't want to work for me. Currently my status column changes according to the {Proof Approval - Kim} column. It works fine (formula shown below)

Now I want to add on to this formula so, if the column {Out For Approval} is checked, I want the


A member of my team is allocated resource on a project. The issue is that although they are only allocated to 85% on this project/task, it is showing as 100% in my resource view. I only have view access to the sheet and cant change that but am confused as to why this would be doing


I have a problem with 2 sheets reading each other’s data through a VLOOKUP.  The same problem was posted on May 30, 2018 by scott.barrett. Obviously it is not solved.

My sheets also work perfectly for periods of time, and then start returning #circular or #blocked data without any changes to the