I have just been assigned the task of setting up the Project Management Office in my company. For now I need two things, firstly a project tracker for tracking and monitoring individual projects and then a master portfolio tracker where all the info that's updated in the individual trackers feed


I'm trying to calculate count of dates using the formula CountIF([date]:[date],"11/25/2019")

Wherever i have the date as 11/25/2019, it should give me the count, it should give me the total count.

But the formula isn't giving any data using this



I am desperate for some guidance on the best way to handle my situation.

First, I have 2 sheets that I'm attempting to provide an executive view for:

  1. First sheet is a forecast that indicates the number of people we should be training in any product line.  The individual product lines are


So i have parent cells and dependencies. The dependencies have color balls (red, yellow, green, grey). Here is what I want:

If one of the dependencies has a red color ball, I want the parent ball color to be red.

If all dependencies have a green ball, I want the ball for the parent to be green