Anybody having problems with their "non-licensed" users not being able to select the columns to print in a Gantt view? The "edit" button for selecting columns to print no longer works. I'm wondering if the recent software update has broken this functionality.. We receive an error that says "An error


I work with a small Real Estate company and we lean heavily on Smartsheet for all of our task and workflow management. We have built a system of task lists, workflows, and meeting agendas that all work very well, but at the moment we have to edit drop-down lists manually sheet-by-sheet. I've


How do I get child rows to move to specific parent rows based on data from a specific column? I have active, lead, not bidding, and submitted statuses. When a bid is submitted I would like that row to move to the submitted parent. If it is changed to not bidding then I would like for it to move to


My department is working on a change management process, the steps of which will be standardized for each change. We're using a web form and alerts to notify the team of a new change request, and managing the workflow with a separate sheet. 

Is there a way in the workflow sheet to populate the list


Print view looks terrible, especially when we have an embedded Calendar view widget it shows up blank.

We have widgets:

- Report

- Shortcut link to sheet

- Calendar view 

We would like to "back up" the dashboard view to PDF or image format and attach it for those that want to view offline (and back


I am having a new problem with an existing Smartsheet that has worked fine until now. Existing workflows have stopped working. The problem does not appear to be workflow, but something else going on. We have a workflow that triggers off of a calculated field that is based on data in another


Is there a way to take a graph that was created in Excel and import it into a Smartsheet? I can do it via a dashboard but I would like to have it directly on the sheet with the data.


We want functionality where "Milestones missed in Last 30 days" are highlighted. We can identify Milestones. What functionality do we use to count the rows that have missed the milestone?

I've seen responses about Today() function having a daily-touch limitation. I'm looking for the exact Logic to


I usually set allocations rates as average during term.

But,When the task is long term, it is  different allocations rate at each point in a same task.

And if I set allocations rate to another task at low loard point,Smartsheet alert the over resource by caliculating rates. 

(Because of the




I have a status column in my row that changes from "animating" to "approved" and would like the start and end date columns to update when status is changed.



1. When status column changes to "animating" - start date needs to capture the date(fixed value) it was changed to "animating"