Hi - I have created a dashboard to show pie charts of my data. My problem is that the pie chart wants to include every single row as a data point, I only want to show the parent rows and not the children. I used the formula "=Count(Ancestors(row))". This gives me a 0,1,or 2 based on how many


Hi all,


Trying to build 2 spreadsheets that need to communicate with each other at this level:

One of them (first) will have the raw material code, name, supplier, last date of testing, risk rating, test required, etc.

The other (second) spreadsheet will be a record of materials booked in.

Will it


We use Smartsheet in many wonderful ways but, in my opinion, the lack of a method to easily lock a cell with a date and/or time stamp is an open door for a competitors raid. A few years ago, I left Smartsheet because images could not be exported with line item details and there was no "key" to


We use smartsheets to run our customer projects.  The approach we have used to date is to create a workspace for each customer, with the necessary sheets - all from a template.  This works really well, as the customers need to review and contribute to several of the sheets that we use, and the


I am having trouble referencing a Column in another sheet through an IF formula I am trying to do. 

My current formulas is =IF({Sheet 1 Range 1} = 1, {Sheet 2 Range 2}). 

The first Column I am referencing is a Checkbox Column, and I only want it to return the value in Range 2 unless Range 1 is