I have created a set of reports (that selects this project) and an overview/summary sheet that has links into the underlying Project Sheet.  We use these set as a template to save an copy to a new workspace or folder for each project.

I am hoping there is a way to make the project/sheet links stay


For this particular use case, we only want to see the Gantt cart and don't care about the data in the left pane.

I want to be able to show a real time timeline display in the dashboard. But the widget not only displays the sheet view of the data, but it seems to favor it as well limiting my ability


I am pulling data from multiple cells within a Project Sheet. The issue is that for each cell, the information is being presented differently. In some cells, the data is presented BELOW the Cell Title while in other cells, the data is presented NEXT TO the Cell Title. Is there a way to have the data