I was eager to checkout the recently released Smartsheet Charts, I have produced a couple of Pie Charts based on some real time data but seem to have found that limited funtionality/formatability (e.g. Not able to re-position labels) restrict their actual use, please see screenshots below. I


I'm trying to set the RYG status of a task based on End Date and % Complete of the task.  I've put a formula in place using =IF(AND(...  but I keep getting the error "# INCOMPLETE ARGUMENT SET"

Below is the formula, can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong or missing, please....




We are experiencing issues with "links to unknown sheets" popping up.  See image attached.

  • We are saving the sheet that the link is going to as a new sheet (almost like using it as a back up), but we are clicking so that the "links do not carry over", so it should not be happening from this task.
  • We


I am working on charting out dev tasks and need to display what our expected total monthly cost would be based on the tasks finished each month. I am struggling to find out a good way to have this either permanently displayed or easily accessible. I have tried reports but that only displays all of