Thought I would start my own thread regarding this since it seems very quiet around this change.

Am I the only one having no luck in using the suggested shortcut CTRL ] to indent?

I am using Windows 10, Chrome webbrowser and swedish keyboard ( ] = AltGr 9)

Ctrl AltGr 9 just types the symbol ].


After seeing very nice dashboard presented in Best in Class Project Management video I tried to start developing something similar for our organization. However I'm struggling with creating customized buttons (like "Home", "Portfolio Dashboard", "Departments" etc) that you can see on the top of the


I'd like to show a sheet in the dashboard in both:

1. Grid view

2. Calendar view

WHen I publish the link to put on the dashboard, it only one or the other. Please tell me there's a way to publish in multiple


I've read through all the replies on this but have not found the resolution yet

I want to display RYG balls in a new column i created that corresponds to the project Status and Finish Date.  The new column Properties is RYG Balls

The formula works, but only shows as text

Formula i created:


I am trying to use a COUNTIFS formula and it is returning a zero, even though it should return a one...I think it is user error...I checked the reference sheet and it refers to all the columns on the sheet...

=COUNTIFS({SVC Support Priority Range 1}, "[Urgent - Drop Everything]", {SVC Support


Current project settings allow to set-up working/non-working days and length of day in hours globally per project (see screenshot)

We have teams from different continents and countries (US, India, China, Germany etc) working on the same project. It would be good to have an ability to set-up