In our Smartsheet set up, we provide photos of users that appear with their name (in assigned tos, owners, etc). These photos will appear in sheets, reports, etc.


However, when we use a given report or data source in a dashboard, the image/photo is removed. Is this a known issue or is there a


Hello Is it possible to post a URL to your project plan in Google drive in your project folder?  I like to organize all of my project documentation or URL's to it in the same folder.  Otherwise I will create a Google doc containing the URL I guess?

I did see a Smartsheet Sync add on for Google drive


Hello, I have a support request on drag and drop dependencies.

  1. SMARTSHEET changes the date, if I drag the predecessor bar to the successor bar
  2. SMARTSHHET looses connection of dependencies if I move a connected bar left or right

This "simple" described problems can be fixed manually by myself but