Sometime last week I noticed my view in Smartsheet (using Chrome) no longer has the tabs at the top of all of the current open sheets.  How can I get this view back?  It was much more efficient than the pinning option we have now.  Also, the recently reviewed Smartsheets would be great if it


I'm trying to setup a Microsoft Flow to move data from a SharePoint list to a Smartsheet. The problem I'm running into is that the Contact column type in Smartsheet won't accept the "Person" column type data from SharePoint. I continue to get this error:

Value is not supported for this column type.


The new look/functionality of the sheet is much less friendly. Takes a lot more clicks to get through and I now always have to close the left pane to see my sheet properly. Also, the left pane list keeps changing so I have to hunt for my sheet each time. When you had the tabs at the top I knew where


I have a conditional alert set up in my form to send an email every time a row is added. When I use a form to add a row, it sends me a notification on my phone through the app, but it isn't sending me an email.

I checked my spam filters and there is nothing in there being held. Has anyone else had


Completely taken aback by the new update. Not only the multiple tabs will be more cumbersome to manage, but I do not see the option to open multiple sheets at the same time and this feature was heavily used in our organization. Smartsheet is this feature gone? If so, could you please bring it  back?