I'm trying to create Formula. It's almost completed. However, one last  rule doesn't work.

Can someone suggest to modify my formula?

Currently the following conditions and formula is working fine.


-  If Complete% is 100% = Green

- If Complete% is upper 60%  = Green

- if Complete% is under 60%



I have a series of standard processes that have the same dependency and predecessor data each time. 

I have the primary column  as a job number, and then a second column with a drop down list of all the standard processes (I.e. assembly, pre-assembly etc.).

If pre-assembly is selected, for



I had a look but couldn't find the answer.

I am trying to do simple reports and formula Counts, but trying to ignore any duplicates.

Example below, I am only interested in counting the first time a name appears, so the count would equal 5 Names, ignoring where there is a second or third.