When dragging the email from my Outlook window to Smartsheet in Google Chrome it removes the file from my Outlook entirely and the email is gone.

I tested this in MS Edge and confirmed it does not happen when using Edge; the file copies and uploads to Smartsheet without deleting it from Outlook.


So I've had a problem with no "resource view by project" button.

Background information:

I'm a proposal writer working on a Growth Operations team. I've been working with our Strategic and Business Performance Group to incorporate more Smartsheet into our operations.

I've been entered as a system


I have used and tried each of these formulas separately and they work beautifully.

=SUMIFS([Total Savings]@row, [email protected], "IL5"

=SUMIFS([Total Savings]@row * 90 / 100, [email protected], "IL4"

=SUMIFS([Total Savings]@row * 50 / 100, [email protected], "IL3"

=SUMIFS([Total Savings]@row * 10 / 100, [email protected], "IL2"



Hoping you might be able to assist me with a similar issue I'm experiencing. I've attempted to import a Trello board into Smartsheet for one of my colleagues and I'm getting the same error message, when I view it in grid view on some of the rows.

The formula in question that is currently


Ok. so I've set up a rolling dashboard built around the today function - something like this. Everything rolls over automatically as it all references TODAY() to determine the various derivatives.

(see screenshot)

It's great, but doesn't scale (yet). The Month column uses this right now -


I am trying to get the task name of the current milestone to populate a cell so I can use that cell in a dashboard. I have a helper column that counts the number of days until due, and can get the lowest number in the range that is >0, no problem. How can I return the Task Name of the row that I


Hello! I've searched many posts on the forum and can't find a solution. I'm at my wits end, any help would be very much appreciated!

I am looking for a formula that will show a text result of Q#-YYYY based on an entry in a date field ("Expected Delivery Date", which is using the standard SmartSheet