I'm really struggling to get the syntax right on this.  I have a column called "% Complete" and a due date column called "Finish."  If the % Complete < 100 and the due date is today or already passed, I want to turn on a flag in the "At Risk" column.  Ideally I'd actually like to flag it if the due


Has anyone had any luck with using API's or exporting/importing Smartsheet scheduling projects to Oracle Primavera P6?  We are using the cloud version of P6 and both it and Smartsheet technically have open API's so it should be possible.  However, rather than recreate the wheel, I'm wondering if



I have an index and match formula that works in some places and not others. I tried to attach a screen show that shows what I am trying to do along with this description.


My formula in the Time and Attendance row works as expected. The data for overall status, scope, timeline, resources and


Been struggling a bit with recent smartsheet api development and was hoping for some insight as to how to handle the following situation:

To bypass the restriction of 5000 rows per sheet, I'm developing an app using NodeJS sdk that will run on a scheduler in the following fashion:

If row count is


Hi everybody,

I need your help.

Currently, our requirements request process is as follows, enter the form within Smartsheet register the emails of the people who want the application to ​send, Then these people receive and assign other resources if necessary.   It is important to indicate that it is


Hi all,

I have a smartsheet that my operations team manages. It tracks all orders that we receive through our defined shipping process. Each order is a new row and there are multiple columns. One of them is the "Estimated Shipping Date" which someone from our team will fill out. I want to create a



I am trying to figure out how to extract months out of a grid. My goal is to count how many assignments were completed within each month of the year. 


| January |  45  |


| February|  20 |

However, I am finding trouble actually calculating the amount based off of the