I want to be able to average, or other function, over a subset of the cells in a row.  The number of cells I want to include is specifiied in a separate cell.


In Excel, I accomplished this with OFFSET.  I read another article here noting that smartsheet doesn't have OFFSET, but that MATCH and


I folks. I think I found an edge-case in your new cross-sheet formula system.

I wrote some index formulae to pull related data from other sheets when the user chose some options from a list. All was working, and I was able to link, customize and test the named ranges.  I got my two sheets converted


We are experiencing issues with "links to unknown sheets" popping up.  See image attached.

  • We are saving the sheet that the link is going to as a new sheet (almost like using it as a back up), but we are clicking so that the "links do not carry over", so it should not be happening from this task.
  • We