An employee retired without transferring his sheets and reports, that are in various workspaces and folders, to me. How do I keep the sheets and reports in the same workspace and folders while transferring ownership to me? I'm SysAdm and licensed user on Enterprise


Hi. I'm trying to build a report that will tell me when we are close to sending bills for a district to the print shop. The criteria is looking at two rows with different names in the Primary Column; i.e. Request Information and Original Proof Signoff but I need different criteria for each when it


I am having trouble creating a formula with 2 conditions. I currently have formulas in a Spend summary sheet that only have one condition but I need to add a 2nd condition. Here is what I have for 1 condition: 

=SUMIFS({Team DD - Budget - FY19-FY20- Amount}, {Team DD - Budget - FY19-FY20- Requester