I have a table where I hid Column C that has confidential information. Viewers and Editors cannot Unhide the columns of Confidential Information. This is amazing.

However, here's the kicker... If the viewer/editor Exports the smartsheet they can unhide the hidden columns.

How can I stop that


I have a scenario where I want to transfer sheets from "Company A"  to "Company B" where both companies have their own multi-user plans.  


Specific Scenario

  • "Sheet A" created/owned by "user A" in the "Company A" plan and thus stored within the "Company A" plan structure.
  • "Company B" has their own


Hi everyone,

My colleague and I are new to SmartSheet and we are having some issues with a few formulas and we can't quite work out what has happened.

We are offering paid work at an hourly rate for someone to join our team to help troubleshoot and fix our SmartSheets issues.

If you're interested,