Hi there I need a formula that will look across rows and columns in a table. 

For example,  I need the result for School District-B with 23 items. The result from the table below should populate with: $350

                                         1-5       6-15    16-25    26-50   51-100


Hi everyone,

I'm creating a training portal with a series of tasks for users to go through. I'd like to grant access to a specific report based on a user successfully completing two initial tasks. 

The first tasks are as follows:

1)  Open a report to [a] check a box and [b] change a Harvey ball.




My team is creating a form to collect, track, and act on paid-time-off requests and part of the system we're creating is making a form for folks to submit their requests through.

We need to share parts of the content of this sheet with multiple different parties so plan to create some reports