Good afternoon. 

I am currently using Zapier to automate the creation of a project sheet once an initiative gets approved on a log. The current configuration is the following:

  1. New initiatives are captured into a sheet called "Initiatives Log" through the use of a form
  2. Approval of the initiative is


I am looking for guidance as I feel like I am missing something really simple.  I would like to be able to have a title(label) included in my COUNTIF statement.


This is the total count formula I have for the parent row:  ="May 2018" + " (" + COUNT(CHILDREN()) + ")"

This formula displays in the


We are only 6 months into our Smartsheet journey and thus often tinkering and creating new reports, it would be really handy to have a ruler at the top in order to align fields/columns in reports. I have marked where a ruler could sit with highlighter yellow below. Does anyone else recognise the


Hi Smartsheet Community,

We're thinking of some use cases for helping Smartsheet users utilize Salesforce ServiceCloud data more effectively and efficiently.  

Any Salesforce ServiceCloud users out there who would be willing to chat with us and give us feedback on our use cases? Even if you don't