I'd like to create summary rows at the top of my sheet, but specifying the entire column as a range in the formula is causing #circular reference and #block errors.  Is there a way to specify a range from row 25 to infinity?  I'd like additional rows to automatically be included in my summary



I have a tricky formula I'm trying to calculate, but with no success so far... 


I have to different sheets that I'm looking on. 

Sheet1: Planning and monitoring sheet

Sheet2: Work reports

The formula challenge:

In Sheet2 our guys at the field are reporting on different predetermined projects.


Hello everyone!

I've checked this page https://www.smartsheet.com/legal/limits-policy 

it doesn't show the storage limit not the numbe of sheets limt.

I need to know this because we have hundreds of projects we were planning to put each one in a sheet but if theres a limit to sheets number maybe we



I'm finding difficulties when trying to embed a form into a dashboard that is part of a template folder for control center. Due to the fact that this form is embeded through a link, the form keeps it's original destination sheet when a project gets provisioned and the new dashboard gets created.


Hello Smartsheet community!

I'm asking if there's a way to limit the emails received after each update is submitted through an update request and waiting for approvals? or cancel them and rely solely on the app notification?

I have many tasks in each project and I set myself to approve all updates


Hello everyone!

I'm a project coordinator at a company specialized in manufacturing and installing irrigation systems, we have over 50 projects going on at the same time.

We're trying Smartsheet to check whether it suits our needs, we're looking for a way to let a user supervising the project to



I am looking to give a specific user access to editing a locked column. 

The background: 

We have a list of projects that are NOT to be started until our finance director approves said project. As the project manger, I am owner of these sheets. To prevent other users from approving projects of their