I'd like to create summary rows at the top of my sheet, but specifying the entire column as a range in the formula is causing #circular reference and #block errors.  Is there a way to specify a range from row 25 to infinity?  I'd like additional rows to automatically be included in my summary



I have a tricky formula I'm trying to calculate, but with no success so far... 


I have to different sheets that I'm looking on. 

Sheet1: Planning and monitoring sheet

Sheet2: Work reports

The formula challenge:

In Sheet2 our guys at the field are reporting on different predetermined projects.


Hello everyone!

I've checked this page https://www.smartsheet.com/legal/limits-policy 

it doesn't show the storage limit not the numbe of sheets limt.

I need to know this because we have hundreds of projects we were planning to put each one in a sheet but if theres a limit to sheets number maybe we



I'm finding difficulties when trying to embed a form into a dashboard that is part of a template folder for control center. Due to the fact that this form is embeded through a link, the form keeps it's original destination sheet when a project gets provisioned and the new dashboard gets created.