I am running a formula to calculate the days between a start date and today(), if the number is less than 25 then it inserts today's date in a cell.  That cell is then used to trigger an email to a user for action.

If the start date is in the past the calculated days between is a negative.  I want


We have a workspace with several sheets and dashboards.  We want to copy this workspace for each incident we activate for.  Is there a way to have the links within each dashboard automatically update to the workspace/sheet location?  Currently we have to go into each dashboard and update the links -


I am trying to create a counter that counts the number of days in work of a task, the counter only counts the days in work when the Scrum state of the task changes to sprint . I want the counter to stop counting when the state changes to done and lock that number of days in work (days in work from