It's a long formula - I want to make the number of starts in the "Current Status" column dependent upon the selection in the drop down from the "Contract/Grant Status" column:

=IF([Contract/Grant Status:]1 = Submitted, "Empty", IF([Contract/Grant Status:]1 = Assigned, "One", IF([Contract/Grant


I am looking for a template in smartsheet that I can use to build costs for projects and training courses we conduct.  I noticed that on the smartsheet website advertisement it says that smartsheet has the solution.  My goal is to program some of our costs to do business with certain rates and then


A while ago, our account was merged into a company enterprise account and all existing sheets I believed transferred over. Account administrators changed etc. If I want to add new users at the same company to Smartsheet can they just click log in using your company account or does someone have to


Good afternoon everyone!

I am trying to format my "% Complete" column to auto populate when changes are made to my "Requirements Total" and "Requirements Complete" (i.e. If I have 10 requirements in my Requirements Total column and I have completed 5 in the requirements complete, which would make my



I'm using two sheets to track the distribution of transportation gift cards, one will be a master list of the cards and the other is a webform tracker that distribution partners use to log who receives cards.

I want the master list to check off each card given out after it is logged into the