Thought I would start my own thread regarding this since it seems very quiet around this change.

Am I the only one having no luck in using the suggested shortcut CTRL ] to indent?

I am using Windows 10, Chrome webbrowser and swedish keyboard ( ] = AltGr 9)

Ctrl AltGr 9 just types the symbol ].


Long story, short as I can make it. I started to create a list of links in Microsoft Sharepoint until I discovered that it seems to be woefully short with sorting, making child entries, etc. In Smartsheet, I am able to accomplish what I am trying to do with ease. Here's my question. Can Smartsheet


An employee retired without transferring his sheets and reports, that are in various workspaces and folders, to me. How do I keep the sheets and reports in the same workspace and folders while transferring ownership to me? I'm SysAdm and licensed user on Enterprise