Hi, has anyone figured out a way to send an approval request for more than one row at a time?  I have rows that all need approved that need to be sent in the approval request along with their information, much like a daily notification of changes, however in approval request form.  Currently we are


I have a report that shows the output of staff within a department. It shows all the publications and events they are working on. I am looking to build the report so that it does not show duplicates of the same type of output by the same person. 

For example,

Staff member A is running 10 roadshow


Hello community

This is my first post, struggling to achieve a formula command. can you help?

I have several columns, one being a check box column named "Payment"

When one or more of the rows is checked within this "Payment" column, I then need the system to calculate the £value across three other



I am relatively new to SmartSheets but I am looking to place a form we have now into smartsheets to collect the data there. 

However our Executive Team likes the look of the original form... 

Is there a way to export data in a way other then in a grid/ excel looking chart?

Id like to