Morning All,

I have been trying to work out a formula for a calculation, i am not very good at formulas so i cant see where i have gone wrong, can any one help please?

I need the below:

If today > actual start date & today is > actual end date & % complete < 100% = Red

If today > actual start date &


My team and I are having a problem with the combination of data from multiple sheets showing up in our sight.  Originally, we had a couple sheets that all had formulas returning data at the top of each sheet.  I then cell linked the cells from these sheets to allow one sheet to add them all


I am trying to create an alert formula. I need to contact people every 15 days. I have one cell that states "Last contact" and the date, another that states "Next contact"and the date, the third cell, I would like it to state "Contact" in red. Can anyone help me formulate the "Contact"


Hi, I'm currently trying this out to see if we might use it more widely in my organization. I'm trying to insert a row using Microsoft Flow, but I am receiving the following error:

  • End Dates on dependency-enabled sheets cannot be created/updated. Please update either the Duration or Start Date