I sent in a comment to Customer Success that the sheet is getting slow performance.  The response was bust it up into multiple sheets.  Well I like the idea, I'm not sure I like the solution - it make everything now manual unless someone can tell me a better way.

The first four columns in my Master


I utilize the Send Row feature on a daily basis.  The majority of the time, the columns I select from the "Customize" section are the exact same.

It would be awesome if I could create a filter and have the ability to select it as opposed to manually selecting all of the columns every time.





I'm trying to build a sheet to use for our onboarding process.

It would be nice to have on sheet for all positions.

The issue is that all positions do not require the same onboarding activities.

I would like to reference the job title / column and have conditions that would have the sheet


Hi Guys

I have a sheet that is a programme sheet which holds all the high level data of each project within the programme of work.

I have a cell called budget variance which I want to be formatted as filled red, large bold text across the whole line. I want this to occur when the variance data is