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I am relatively new to Smartsheet.  I have built a portfolio of projects for our company. I want to identify what departments are involved in each of the projects in the portfolio.  This is just a very high-level listing of departments.  While we are not trying to include the amount of work



Smartsheet newbie here:)

I was trying to use a simple SUMIF formula to calculate the total number of days for a specific field. For example: I want to add all the days or duration for all projects that were labeled as "Conversion" together to calculate the total number of days spent on all


I'd like to create summary rows at the top of my sheet, but specifying the entire column as a range in the formula is causing #circular reference and #block errors.  Is there a way to specify a range from row 25 to infinity?  I'd like additional rows to automatically be included in my summary


I have a source sheet with hundreds of rows of entries. One of the columns is named Property. There are many different values under this column. I have a destination sheet for each one of these possible values (in this case, a property). 

What I would like is to have have any rows in the source