I want to create a formula that would read all rows have a Green symbol and read back the last task name that has green. This would have to be based off the row number and not dates, given not every task will have a start or end date. 

Attachment for context --> I would want the formula to read


I have a conditional alert set up in my form to send an email every time a row is added. When I use a form to add a row, it sends me a notification on my phone through the app, but it isn't sending me an email.

I checked my spam filters and there is nothing in there being held. Has anyone else had


Why would you do this? Did you even test this with customers?

Why can't I open as a new tab from the "home" page?

Why can't I make the "home" page the default on the side bar?

Why can't I make the side bar stay open?

This functionality is not working for us as an organization. As the administrator


I'm struggling with the new layout and welcome any suggestions.  I do not have the dashboard level subscription - just below that, I think.  I HATE that I have lost my tabs, and I hate that the menu button ALWAYS takes me back to the RECENTLY VIEWED as opposed to the Home.  This new layout just


Is it possible to create a report based on data from two sheets, but criteria is include only rows where the entry in primary column in one sheet is identical to the entry in its counterpart column in the other sheet? In other words, matched on rows? I don't see where to set this in the report