I am trying to create a counter that counts the number of days in work of a task, the counter only counts the days in work when the Scrum state of the task changes to sprint . I want the counter to stop counting when the state changes to done and lock that number of days in work (days in work from


As the Smartsheet Admin, I create most of the Sheets, Reports, and Dashboards for the Executive team.  When we transfer ownership of all Sheets, Reports, and Dashboards to the Executives, their Dashboard Chart Widgets all state "Source Missing".

Smartsheet's Help Desk provided this response:  "...


Hi, I have a roll up of numbers for the total of checkboxes checked off in our main data sheet. I've linked that totaled value into a separate sheet via the link cell capability. 

That is somehow not getting charted, and is showing up as "Invalid data"? 

What am I doing wrong?