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We're working on a dashboard for senior stakeholders. At the moment we have a report that is an amalgamation of several sheets (listing risks & issues). We now want to limit that amalgamated report to only show top x rows, based on one of the columns (numerical value). 


So, instead of the



I’m trying to create a roll up for multiple resources across multiple sheets. I would like to have data roll up like how it looks in the Resource Allocation, but I’d like to view allocations in hours rather than percentages.

I've attached an example of a project schedule in SmartSheet that we


I have a report pulling data from several sheets inside my workspace. Essentially it emails the report as an attachment every morning at 9am to my team and lists out open project needs.


The question is there are some days when the report is blank (ie. no open project needs). Is it possible to:

  • not


I utilize the Send Row feature on a daily basis.  The majority of the time, the columns I select from the "Customize" section are the exact same.

It would be awesome if I could create a filter and have the ability to select it as opposed to manually selecting all of the columns every time.




Our team is looking for a way to count the number of projects of three distinct types.  I have them located within three different folders.  I do not want to have to use cell linking.  A user should be able to create a new project without having to open a summary sheet and create a new cell link.