I have a project plan that was created by importing a plan from Project. I would like to create a report that shows the resources and their utilization on a single day. The only filter I see in the Report Builder is to filter on the Start Date or the End Date of a task. I want to see anyone who has


I have searched the community for some solutions for what I am trying to achieve…and there were lots of information that seemed close to what I am trying to do.  Many links that were shared for other blogs, articles, etc.,  are no longer active.  So I am hoping someone from the community can help me



I hope someone can help me.

Maybe I'm blind, but I can't find a way to make a Report for only yesterday,

I work on a big sheet (> 4,000 rows, 25 columns) with many different days in the column [Datum].

Now I want to make a report, that shows only the rows from yesterday. Not today, not


Hi All, 

I am looking to find a way that I can link (create a formula) so the health column shows a traffic light system for the status of the task. 

I want to aim for this to detect the percentage of completion of a task in relation to the finish date. For example, if the finish date is only a


Firstly, yes - I know the Control Center sheets are not "templates" but I would want resourcing to be able to filter out the workspace or at least the folder used to spin up SCC projects.

Since I pre-load "assembly time" by assigning it to the genaric "Assembly" contact in ALL of the grouped gantt