I am trying to get a count of completed tasks by a team by month across multiple sheets. 

I've created this formula in the sheet summary: =COUNTIFS(Status:Status, "Complete", [Team Assignment]:[Team Assignment], "Lean"). If I'm trying to get a completed count of tasks for the month of September, how


I know you can create a sheet by importing a document into SmartSheet and having it auto-create around the information; however, how do you continue this?  IE You take a sheet from Excel, that will continue to be used, and import it into SmartSheet, then you want to update the information in the SS



I am trying to come up with a solution for my smartsheet involving 4 columns (4th being the result column). I wanted to return the value from the 1st column whenever 2nd and 3rd column are blank, if not return the value from either 2nd or 3rd column.

These columns contains dates by the way.


With the recent (Sept 19, 2019) update, non-licensed users no longer have the ability to update their Report Builder within SmartSheet.  This poses a significant problem for my company, as we have multiple licensed users and ~100 (non-licensed) individuals who execute the tasks assigned. 

Am I