First post, Longtime SSheet user but new to formulas and stuck on this last one for a dashboard. 

I am trying to count rows where the due date is within a range, the form created date is within 14 days of the due date and the status is not "complete." I have tried a wide variety of solutions.


I am attempting to use a COUNTIF formula on a column of cells that have VLOOKUP formulas pulling in information from another sheet. 

The COUNTIF formula returns a #NO MATCH. When I copy/paste the VLOOKUP info into text only, the COUNTIF formula works but this destroys the advantage of using a



When you paste text from OneNote into a cell in Smartsheet it appears as an image.  This is so annoying.  See attachment.

The only workaround is to paste the text into a web browser or word document, then copy/paste that back into Smartsheet cell.

This is affecting our use case somewhat, as


We are trying to rollup multiple project sheets that have tied in metrics. The gantt view is not allowing us to have the dependency arrows on our rollup. Do you have any suggestions how to create this? We have multiple tasks on our project sheets that have dependencies but our phases do not. I tried


In our Smartsheet set up, we provide photos of users that appear with their name (in assigned tos, owners, etc). These photos will appear in sheets, reports, etc.


However, when we use a given report or data source in a dashboard, the image/photo is removed. Is this a known issue or is there a


Hi there,

I'm currently operating on an Enterprise level version of Smartsheet and experiencing an error with my dashboard. Does anyone have experience embedding a Tableau Public link directly into a dashboard via widget? I see that this is an option and have tried both the link & embed codes, which