I looking for solution or moreover a formula to get a project name back as per RYG status.

But i am getting problem, i have a same RYG for more then one projects.

For example: i want a list of projects As RYG "RED", the selection has to show me 2 projects in retuen

Project 1       Red

Project 2



 I created a smart sheet that notifies the appropriate lead when someone is requesting access to a project. All the formulas, filters, and alerts are correct.  The issue I'm having is when a form is filled out a new row is created the formulas aren’t being placed in the appropriate cells so the


Hi All, 

I want to create a "Total Vendor Paid Amount" column on our "Main Dashboard". This column will need a formula that pulls information from another dashboard called "REO Vendor Invoicing (3)". I want the formula to sum the total invoices paid, in the "REO Vendor Invoicing (3)" dashboard, of