Does anyone know if it is possibly to set a box to check a certain amount of time after a date is imputed into a row. 

For instance, we need a lag time on a project complete date of 48 hours. This is for a manufacturer that needs 48 hours for stain, etc to cure before project is technically


I have a construction schedule with start and finish dates. I want the check boxes for the at risk column to automatically check off if the project is late starting or late finishing. Can anyone help me craft the appropriate formula for this? Is there a good formula for this? I was thinking it would


I need to send out Architectural Survey team out to the field to survey the existing conditions of a restaurant. Information gathered is Electrical Information (Panel Size, # of Breakers), Equipment (Make Model and serial#), Condition of Walls,etc. I'd like to send them with a Ipad with a Smartsheet