We have completed projects, or abandoned projects, with Workspaces.  We don't want to lose them, or archive them to Excel - especially since the abandoned projects could come back to life one day.  The problem is we have so many workspaces, the inactive workspaces are junking up the folder list.  Is


I am trying to develop a dashboard generator so that I don't have to recreate every report I use in our dashboards each time we have a new project.  I would like to be able to select the project number in one location and have all the reports reference that project number to pull data from their


I am trying to sum accounts receivable for individual salesmen. I have gotten to the point where I can add if the check box under [Check Received] is marked but I do not know how to sum if a check box is unmarked. So far my formula is returning 0 when it should be returning a over $100,000. This is



HI there.  I am only a month old Smartsheet user and currently under the Business Plan.

i am building the New Hire Request Form for our company and I came across with problem in the multiple approval as well as the things to do before a request will be approved.

When the requestor filled up the




I am looking for someone to screen share and help me customize some smartsheet functions.


Example:  Create a "weekly to do list for all my milestone items"  across my multiple projects that I have to manage, so I dont forget long lead items or miss details.



Please email if I can hire