Greetings. I have a Real Estate Property "Rehab Project Plan" with tasks that I would like to assign to a vendor (i.e Electrician) so that I can manage his tasks and collaborate with him. I do not want the Electrician to see entire sheet, only that task(s) assigned to him. 

I have read several

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Further to a considerable amount of Community requests for a way to Update Dropdown Lists in just one sheet, then have that list Automagically populate all the other Smartsheets that reference that list.

Our Developers, using the Smartsheet API have created just that solution, in fact we have


The Gmail add on worked twice, but now doesn't place the email into the spreadsheet.  It still finds the spreadsheet and the rows, but when you either select an existing row or attempt to add a row the cursor circles for a few seconds then stops and nothing further happens.  Not sure where to go