I have a simple math equation in one of my cells, and in place of one of the numbers I would like to reference a count of cells with dates in them in a certain column.

My equation is: =100 - (((60 / 477) * 100))  (this returns a number in a percentage format) and I would like to replace the number


I am trying to achieve this - If the action required by and the data processed is blank or the action required by = "DAT", then "DAT" is the correct response.  

This what I have come up with  =IF(OR(AND(ISBLANK([Action Required by]1), ISBLANK([Data Processed]1)), ([Action Required by]1=DAT)), "DAT")


I keep track of pending transactions in a real estate office, and have each month as a parent and the closings scheduled as children under the correct month.  On the parent row of each month I've got totals showing for the children.  This all works great.

What I can't figure out is how to total the