We have recently begun working with Smartsheet and we detect that nonworking days are only greyed out when the setup gantt menu is openned. Is there a bug in our system or a configuration is needed? 

It occurs with a single new project without changing anything.

We have seen a similar


We have been tasked to gather weekly meter data: multiple meters (3-10) for each utility (water, electricity, natural gas) at each of the 60 plants. 

What is the best way to gather multiple data points from mulitple plants all at once? We are unsure how to format this correctly. 

The plants will


I would like to have the RYG balls automatically adjust based on another status column. For instance, if my outside sales people set the status of a row from bidding to the following:

Status "Lost" = RED

Status "Postponed" or "Unknown" = YELLOW

Status "Won" or "Obtained" or "Negotiating" = GREEN


This is a test sheet (screenshot attached). I am trying to set up a method to where an Update Request is automatically emailed to the sales rep 3 days after the trigger date (Bid Date). This functionality is in the Alert Module, but in the Update Request you have to manually set a date each and


Hello all,

I'm working on a task where I have multiple project budgets that we want to track in one sheet. I thought the best way to do this would be by using individual sheets and then running a report to include data from each sheet but our Finance department is asking for a way to do multiple