Many of our team members will be allocated to many different sheets.

1. Is there a feature how to make a report showing all sheets I am assigned to?, and as a continuation a report showing specific tasks in those projects, for example Gate Review, or Offer Submission? Those tasks are not necessarily


Hi all,

Relatively new to Smartsheets and I am looking for a bit of guidance here.

I am trying to put together a 'Resource Forecasting Tool' for our company, wherein the users can populate either an 'Personnel Discipline' or 'Equipment Item' to forecast, they then will enter the start and end date



While I appreciate consultants, I'm not currently seeking to hire anyone to do this for me, I just have general questions to accomplish my goals.

My direct supervisor sends out a request for certain data to various people on his staff once a month.  It's a "Service Report" of sorts that