I've created a sheet that we use to track our projects.

For each project there could be one invoice we need to pay, or multiple, as the project progresses when the invoice is processed and the checks are sent out to our partners there is a column that indicates the date the invoice processing is



Recently I create an report file, where I want him to show certain columns.

I choose for "Where" condition the location from where i want him to extract the info.

But if i will create another new sheet in that folder, even the entire folder is choosen for report, he dosn/t know to automatic


Good afternoon Smartsheeters ;)

I am only new to Smartsheet and have started working on some existing docs.

We have a very clunky and manual way of applying a designated PRIORITY number.  When the sheet for each project/group of projects is first started, its easy - everything is labelled from



We are starting to use Smartsheet heavily in a lot of our processes.  We deal with contractors on a daily basis.

We have several groups of contractors that view one master sheet and each of their own set of columns they review and work with.  They may not directly interact with other


Good Morning,

I am struggling with the SUMIFS function. I have a sheet that contains job orders. The job orders have a planned start date. The jobs are also categorized by Job Type. I have the following columns:

Job Type

Planned Start

JSH *job site hours*

What I need is to calculate the sum of total