Hello and good morning Smartsheet community,

I know you can use the =COUNTIF in order to count the number of times a (SINGLE) name or word appears in a range of cells. My issue is that I am trying to count how many times the word safety is used in a range of cells where the word safety is used in a


The Gmail add on worked twice, but now doesn't place the email into the spreadsheet.  It still finds the spreadsheet and the rows, but when you either select an existing row or attempt to add a row the cursor circles for a few seconds then stops and nothing further happens.  Not sure where to go


In my main project log (Database1), I have a "Customer" column with a drop-down list of all existing customer names; it is NOT restricted to drop-down values only so you are able to type in new customer names as well.

I am using Database2 to assign each customer name a row to collect/sum specific