I have submitted this before, not posted to the Community. Still a pain point.

I'd like you to revisit the functionality around Attachments and Discussions at the Sheet level and Workspace level.

Back in the Good Ol' Days (pre UX update 2018-02-13), we could see that there were Attachments or


We want to be able to auto-send a PDF of projects to our clients on a weekly basis. Can we do this somehow?

I know we could share a report for them to view at their own convenience, however, we can't be sure that they will log on to view it regularly which is necessary.

to make it easier for them,



I am trying to deploy a reimbursement system for my office.

Once a person submits a form via smartsheet, I need to have a PDF pre-filled with all of the info including the ones that will be linked to other cells. 

Once the PDF is prefilled, I will need it to go thru DocuSign for signature. Once


I was hoping somebody could help.

I have a form set up where customers can upload their artwork directly to our sheet and once checked I send an approval request as a proof.

However if the proof is declined or we check the file and it isn't print ready we require customers to upload a new file


I use the add-in and whenever i am moving an email to Smartsheet, it automatically selects all images in addition to any PDF or other attachment. My signature line contains 6 images and so every time i add something through the add-in, it tries to pull these same 6 images. I must de-select them each