We are building a submission form where people will be submitting documents into smartsheet.  The analyst who reviews the intake will need to submit that form to another website after it is approved in smartsheet.  

Is there a way of getting to the file directory or



I am hoping someone can see what i am missing here :)  attempting to try out status view ..

We would like each part of our group have a different status view in order to see only what pertains to them .  and a place for them to fill out a request form.

I created a status view - see image 1


Is there any capabilities regarding populating multiple lines of a sheet from a web form? My company uses Smartsheet as an AP tool where vendors submit there invoices through the web form I created. My company has over 150 sites nationwide and over 300 globally, so some vendors we have are global as


I would love to use something similar to the existing Box, One drive, etc, integration to be able to select a whole folder to attach rather than just individual files. When a new file was added to the folder in Box, it would also be available in smart