So when your linking cells across sheets, I'm trying to link SheetX with SheetY (which has the attachments I need), I can link the site names between the sheet, when the preview screen pops up to show me SheetY (exactly where my site is linked) but I can't download the attachment from this preview


Dear Smartsheet-Community,

I am doing a semesterthesis in coorporation with a company that has been using Smartsheet for a while. My job is to create an automated order tool for AM parts, which serves as an order backlog including the 3D models and part properties and that enables communication with


I'd like to be able to insert an image by URL. It is much easier to copy the Dropbox link from the desktop and paste into Smartsheet rather than use the finder in Smartsheet to find the file in Dropbox and insert. This could also work for hot-linking to images hosted elsewhere.

Is this possible? If



My name is James Smith. I am an Instructor for Gateway Community College in Phoenix, AZ.

I am Looking for alternative methods to track time as student’s progress through our courses.

I am not looking for a time management system, just a tool to enter a student’s hours into a spreadsheet or