Hi there, I've seen some discussion on these boards about managing non-working time. It seems there's two out-of-the-box options, either to have each individual project manage their time or have a sysadmin do it at a global level. Some have suggested blocking time using a dedicated gannt chart. 



I'm hoping someone can help me.

I have a sheet set as a grid with a list of tasks for designers to do, these are divided into 4 categories, with the tasks being indented beneath the parent category, I have a column called 'complete' that is checkboxes which the designer check once each task is


My team's project management process creates various stages of a project; I'm curious as to if there's a way to color code those stages within a Gnatt view on SmartSheet.

Prior to utilizing SmartSheet we did a manual gnatt chart(see attached) that showed a color status under a color coded timeline