I want to create the gantt with schedue as below:

Task A

   Subtask A1    Oct 15 to Oct 19

   Subtask A2    Oct 15 to Oct 19

   Subtask A3    Oct 22 to Oct 26

   Subtask A4    Oct 29 to Nov 2


Predecessors of A3 = Subtask A1 and Subtask A2

Predecessors of A4 = Subtask A1 and Subtask A2



I have three columns in my schedule sheet. Duration (native column) hours and resource allocation. I would like the Duration to be my hours divided by my resource allocation. So If I plan to put 2 people on a 80 hours project my duration is only 5 days not 10. I tried a formula in my duration column


I have the following calculated task dates in a gantt chart:

Task no.   Duration     Early start        Early Finish       Dependency

22            60d            1-Feb-2021      23-Apr-2021

23            60d            29-Jan-2024    19-Apr-2024       22FS+720d

(See attached screenshot) Task #23 is


Hi, I'm new to Smartsheet and hoping that what i'm trying to achieve may be possible but have drawn a blank on the help and community topics so far. 

I need to be able to represent that a project milestone is landing in a specific financial quarter and then have this represented on the Gannt chart.