We use a separate gantt timeline for every project. We also use a simple grid to capture to-do tasks not relating to any specific project. 

We want to be able to view all cards from all projects, on one kanban board, to get an overarching view of everything going on.

Can someone please tell me a


For a leadership dashboard, we have a report with a list of current projects. We want to display the Gantt chart on a dashboard. One of the projects began on 8/4/2015. The Gantt timeline begins in August 2015 and can scroll to the week of March 17, 2019. Given that it is May 23, 2019, this is a


We are trying to rollup multiple project sheets that have tied in metrics. The gantt view is not allowing us to have the dependency arrows on our rollup. Do you have any suggestions how to create this? We have multiple tasks on our project sheets that have dependencies but our phases do not. I tried


I have a sheet that uses Gantt chart data to show assignments on a calendar.

The persons assigned are all in a "Name" column that is a drop down with all the employee names on them. Next to that are start and end date columns that then show a bar range in calendar view.

The employee's name will only