Hello Everyone.

The projects I handle are the same each time in terms of the tasks to carry out. but they can differ in duration based on the  'size' of the work...

I am using a standard sheet template which I also use to forecast, 

I would like to change the 'duration' of a set of tasks based on a


I am trying to set up a way to track manpower 50+ people plus projects that are ongoing.  

2 separate sheets are fine - 1 project summary and 1 manpower.

How can i set it up, that i can see who is available, when workers will be on vacation and it will notify is someone is booked for one project so


Hi all, I have two views that need to be sent as a PDF on a biweekly basis. I'm looking for the following:

1) Calendar view export that shows launch dates within the current month and next two months - I'm aware I can set report parameters to show everything launching within the next 90 days, but I



I am trying to create an element of capacity planning for the company i work for, and am having issues with the start date and finish date.

I have a master production planning sheet which has a basic start date for the job, and a finish date for the job. This shows it nicely on the gantt chart