I have a series of standard processes that have the same dependency and predecessor data each time. 

I have the primary column  as a job number, and then a second column with a drop down list of all the standard processes (I.e. assembly, pre-assembly etc.).

If pre-assembly is selected, for

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I have a sheet with a lot of conditional formatting that must be printed in the gantt view without any of the formatting.  So each week I have to disable all the rules, print, and then enable them again.  It's tedious.  There must be a better way. 

Any thoughts on how I can generate a gantt in a PDF


I have seen some post regarding the possibility of changing the colour of the columns marked as "non working days" and all suggestions to solve this seems to point to the possibility to change the colour of rows.

So, I am again asking about the possibility to change the the colour of columns to


We have a small team, with each member having very a specific area of expertise. As such, our timelines are defined by prioritization of tasks, dependencies, effort, and resource allocation.

I want to enter my tasks, set their dependencies, effort in hours, priorities, plug in the resources and set


I want to use smartsheet as an international project management tool. One thing is driving me creasy.

I want to send out a notification to an assignee if the predecessor task is completed. Please find attached a screenshot of my scenario. 

The task in row 27 needs row 25 & 26 to be done ( active