I have three different gantts with some summary data that is fed into the main project data sheet. Only one of the gantt sheets is used in a project, so I thought of linking each of the gantts' data (exact same field/cell in each sheet) to a cell in the project data sheet - then just grab the one


Task A 

Task B is dependent on Task A

Task C is dependent on Task B

For some reason, I was able to finish Task B and Task A was getting delayed. How do I:

1. Extend duration of Task A without impacting dates, duration or status of Task B?

2. Mark Task B complete, such that actual completion dates do


Hello, I am wondering if there is a way in Smartsheet to version control the sheets. Basically, we are using each sheet as an individual project plan. However, as projects progress, the plan will (usually) slip and/or have to be updated, so we need to amend it. Since there seems to be no way in



I have created a report to use on a dashboard for showing the number of job cards to print for our workshop. The report is shown below, and you can see that there are different amount of jobs to be printed for each workshop:

Report Image

You will see on here that there is:

  • 3x for the FASTRACK Workshop
  • 10x