Hello, I have a support request on drag and drop dependencies.

  1. SMARTSHEET changes the date, if I drag the predecessor bar to the successor bar
  2. SMARTSHHET looses connection of dependencies if I move a connected bar left or right

This "simple" described problems can be fixed manually by myself but


I've noticed that some of the dates entered, if too far in the future will revert to last century.

i.e. January 5th, 2050 will work correctly if entered as 01/05/2050 but will think it's January 5th, 1950 if you enter 01/05/50

Also, once you enter the date as 01/05/2050 and it is shortened to


Adding sub-tasks to a task seems to be no problem, perhaps because they are already indented.

Indenting these sub-tasks removes all the start and finish dates for the rest of the sheet. Is there a way to avoid this and preserve the Start and f=Finish dates, thereby saving the Gantt chart?

One way is


The docs say I can do this in the Gantt window, but I've found no specific instructions on how to do that, and haven't been able to intuit this process.

Another solution would be to restore my Predecessors column. Inconveniently, copying and pasting columns between separate sheets "is not supported


Hallo! Currently, we have an Excel sheet, which I would like to transfer in Smartsheet. However I cannot find a way to do so, so hopefully someone can help me.

As seen in the picture, every row is an own project and every column (except the first with the name of the project) is a certain day, like