we are using Smartsheet for managing our Sales Pipeline. As soon as a project is ordered, we are using the same line to gather project information related to execution. I would like to add a Gantt Chart to each lien (via Hyperlink to another Smartsheet) in one cell with resources.


Question: I



I am new to Smartsheet and I am trying to create a view for my team where I can see all of the tasks, across multiple sheets (projects), that individual team members are assigned.  In other words I want a view where I can see all assigned tasks, with task names, who the tasks are assigned to,


Hello SmartSheet community!

I'd like to double check with you if Smartsheets gantt charts has the posibility of displaying multiple dates in one row, I know there's been several posts regarding this topic, but I was hoping maybe the tool has been updated?

If not, is there's an easy work around to


Good afternoon everyone!

I am trying to format my "% Complete" column to auto populate when changes are made to my "Requirements Total" and "Requirements Complete" (i.e. If I have 10 requirements in my Requirements Total column and I have completed 5 in the requirements complete, which would make my