I am modifying the "Help Desk Ticket Tracker & Form" template.  I don't want to double-enter the date, so I deleted the 'date' column and am using the 'Created (date)' system-generated column.

When I use the webform, it will fill in the date created.  But if I add a line directly in the smartsheet,


I sent in a comment to Customer Success that the sheet is getting slow performance.  The response was bust it up into multiple sheets.  Well I like the idea, I'm not sure I like the solution - it make everything now manual unless someone can tell me a better way.

The first four columns in my Master


Our team is looking for a way to count the number of projects of three distinct types.  I have them located within three different folders.  I do not want to have to use cell linking.  A user should be able to create a new project without having to open a summary sheet and create a new cell link.


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I am trying to set up a master document with linked cells across three different sheets.  First being an order form, second being a shipping form and third being an install form.


All the information will link back to my system ID of which system is being installed.


My question is


Hi Smartsheet Team, 

We have group mail via gmail in our company. Im using it to Assigned To contact list to notify them all for any changes. But unfortunately it doesn't work. What could be the problem. Smartsheet Group does not appear in Assigned to as well.