I'm trying to create Formula. It's almost completed. However, one last  rule doesn't work.

Can someone suggest to modify my formula?

Currently the following conditions and formula is working fine.


-  If Complete% is 100% = Green

- If Complete% is upper 60%  = Green

- if Complete% is under 60%


Previously, I've been able to C&P multiple sections from an external document, and Smartsheet would automatically separate each section into separate rows in a selected column correctly. Now, the functionality doesn't work. What settings, or formatting, has changed? How do I get this to work


I am working on a formula that will look at a few different cells and make a calculation.  I need the formula to look at 

ETA to Ready = [terminal ETA] + [# of days]

The [# of days] is determined by which [Terminal]  So I need the formula to look at the value in the [Terminal] column, then add the