It would be helpful if you could scroll through the Gantt view of a report, separately from the Task view, when looking at a report that is embedded within a Dashboard.  Today, there is only a single horizontal scrollbar and you can quickly lose sight of the associated tasks as you scroll to the


I have a series of sub-tasks in minutes and hours but then the summary task shows the duration in days. It is frustrating to not be able to change that, is it possible or could that ability be added to change the duration display in summary tasks?


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- Blake


I know that SmartSheet can distinguish between tasks that are regular tasks, or milestones, or summary tasks (because of how it represents them on a Gantt chart), but how can I leverage this information when I am trying to build a report on just milestones or just summary tasks?  Is there some way


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I have been trying to work out a formula for a calculation, i am not very good at formulas so i cant see where i have gone wrong, can any one help please?

I need the below:

If today > actual start date & today is > actual end date & % complete < 100% = Red

If today > actual start date &