One very interesting thing for me is the curiosity I get from people around me when they see me using Smartsheet. The low threshold of knowledge to get into it and the "mimic" of spreadsheet (excel) view behind it makes it so much more attractive than MS Project for example. Often when I bring up MS


In my main project log (Database1), I have a "Customer" column with a drop-down list of all existing customer names; it is NOT restricted to drop-down values only so you are able to type in new customer names as well.

I am using Database2 to assign each customer name a row to collect/sum specific


Anyone able to offer some help on the formula below - trying to return a list of information relative to an employee ID number to a column.  There will be several matches per ID, e.g. Matt worked item 1..  2...  3.. and 7.  I want to return the information relative to that ID for those entries.



I would like to understand how do you prepare a project plan for an Agile software development. I understand that first the product backlog needs to be created containing the list of features/bug/enhancements that are needed for the release and subsequently during the Spring planning, the