Sometime last week I noticed my view in Smartsheet (using Chrome) no longer has the tabs at the top of all of the current open sheets.  How can I get this view back?  It was much more efficient than the pinning option we have now.  Also, the recently reviewed Smartsheets would be great if it


I have 3 forms, that I need to be sent out as a reminder on a certain date. I have a 4th form I used to collect email addresses that I would send the weekly form to those addresses. I want to keep reminding them to complete the form if they have not by a certain date. So I was thinking I could make



I really need some help on this. I have two sheets one with user work log information with dates and user name. Now I want to add the efforts for a given date range and for a particular/all users. I tried summits but not able to come up with anything as it is always giving mw wither 0 or


Hello All,

I am tracking different sessions being hosted between employees.

The sessions are the rows with the white background. I want to dynamically count the total number of sessions that are happening for row 2 "IMC".

So I need to count the number of children of row 3 "IMC Common Architecture"