Been struggling a bit with recent smartsheet api development and was hoping for some insight as to how to handle the following situation:

To bypass the restriction of 5000 rows per sheet, I'm developing an app using NodeJS sdk that will run on a scheduler in the following fashion:

If row count is



Could we have a form generated as PDF in Smartsheet and sent by email to a specific user (email address)? So this user could fill it and send it again.

I checked we could have the form sent as link by email, but I need to know if it is feasible to transform it to PDF and send it by email.




I am trying to figure out how to extract months out of a grid. My goal is to count how many assignments were completed within each month of the year. 


| January |  45  |


| February|  20 |

However, I am finding trouble actually calculating the amount based off of the


Hi all - First Discussion here. I am trying to use a formula that will populate a cell with "Not Started", "In Progress" or "Completed" based on the condition of eight cells in the same row have data in them or not.I have created two formulas that work in part but cannot figure out how to properly