Hi! I love Smartsheet but I can't seem to find a way to do the following:

After a user submits a Smartsheet web form entry to populate my sheet with data, I'd like to embed a hyperlink into both (if possible) the response and email confirmation so that the user is directed to a web page on my site


When dragging the email from my Outlook window to Smartsheet in Google Chrome it removes the file from my Outlook entirely and the email is gone.

I tested this in MS Edge and confirmed it does not happen when using Edge; the file copies and uploads to Smartsheet without deleting it from Outlook.


So I've had a problem with no "resource view by project" button.

Background information:

I'm a proposal writer working on a Growth Operations team. I've been working with our Strategic and Business Performance Group to incorporate more Smartsheet into our operations.

I've been entered as a system


I have two columns of data showing prices, say $1,100 in one and $2,200 in another.  I want to display this as a range in a report as "Your price is $1,100 - $2,200".  I used this formula: 

"$" + $[Report Low Price]@row + " - $" + ($[Report High Price]@row

which returns "$1100 - $2200", how can i



Hoping you might be able to assist me with a similar issue I'm experiencing. I've attempted to import a Trello board into Smartsheet for one of my colleagues and I'm getting the same error message, when I view it in grid view on some of the rows.

The formula in question that is currently


I'm very new to Smartsheet and hoping someone can help me. I have created a checklist, with different categories divided up by parent rows, and the tasks listed as children under the categories. I have a checkbox column and each task (in the children rows) has a checkbox. I have figured out how to


Hello, is there a way to set up a workflow or some automation on a sheet what would move it to a designated folder and remove all share permissions after some # of days of inactivity?  As an admin, I have a lot of sheets stacking up and would like to either start setting them up with this auto move


I know I can bulk load contacts into Smartsheets for my account.  But is there a way to upload full profiles?  If so, what's the CSV format and where do I do this? 

Or - Asked a different way - If I include all of the contact info in the CSV file, will it import all of the data?  Or only the "First