Patrick Bridges


Are there Smartsheet functions for enumerating the predecessors of a row?

I've been prototyping SmartSheets for managing a pretty sizeable research project (multiple FTEs over several years), potentially replacing Asana for group project management. The reporting is nice, as is the combination of


I have 140 or so projects I manage reporting on and was excited to see that we could now do multiple contacts in our Assigned To column. However, when adding new projects with this feature enabled I noticed that Reports count those columns as different than other Assigned To columns without this

Tom deGroh


Thanks for checking this out as my formula game is pretty weak. I am looking to have a formula that will check a box if the create date is 90 days in the past provided another box was checked.Real world I want to call out all statements of work that are older than 90 and we have not received a



I want to create the gantt with schedue as below:

Task A

   Subtask A1    Oct 15 to Oct 19

   Subtask A2    Oct 15 to Oct 19

   Subtask A3    Oct 22 to Oct 26

   Subtask A4    Oct 29 to Nov 2


Predecessors of A3 = Subtask A1 and Subtask A2

Predecessors of A4 = Subtask A1 and Subtask A2